She Has Been Faithful to the Church and Deserves Some Devout Catholic Mother’s Day Gifts

The catholic faith is one community that really recognizes the role of a mother, so more than ever; this gift guide is ideal. You know how much the church rates The Blessed Virgin Mary as the mother of our lord, so on Mother’s Day, it makes sense that you specially celebrate your mum. In this guide, I try to come up with items that would not just put a smile on the face of every catholic mother but also help her in one way or the other. So, go through these catholic Mother’s Day gifts and make a choice. 

Awesome Catholic Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Saint Medal: Can Provide Comfort And Inspiration To Your Mother In Her Daily Life

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

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The catholic faith references saints and angels, and for most of us, our favorite saints are often those whose names we share; we call them patron saints.

On this note, if your mum is a namesake to a particular saint, do well to get her a medal with the picture of that saint. If her name is unique and shares no saint’s name, find her patron saint and buy on that line.

Other options would be a medal of The Blessed Virgin Mary (Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal) or a medal of her parish’s patron saint. 

2. Willow Tree Mother and Son

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

Although this doesn’t directly relate to the catholic church, the foundations on which the church is built in the event of a mother and a son, Mother Mary, and Jesus, so this is somewhat a representation of that. I admire the carving and how serene and calm it is. 

3. Personalized Catholic Bible

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

By personalized, I don’t mean a bible written for her; I mean a bible with some words engraved on it that shows it’s a gift from you to her on Mother’s Day.

The words are best engraved on the cover or on one of the front pages. This is the ideal Catholic Mother’s Gift. Here are fantastic gifts for priests in general

4. Silver Italian Rosary

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

Who is a catholic without the rosary? The church recognizes it as the second most potent prayer after the holy mass, so getting your mother one is ideal.

It goes without saying, as a devout Catholic, your mother has a rosary, but one made of gold/silver and a hand rosary would become a stylish sacramental to carry around. 

5. Catholic Artwork


Another fantastic gift for your mom would be artwork celebrating her faith. An image of the BVM, The Holy Family, the patron saint of mothers that is St. Monica, or any catholic artwork would be an excellent addition to your mother’s household. 


6. Catholic Trinket Box

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

Another fantastic gift to get for a catholic woman would be this jewelry box. I mean, having your jewelry in a box carved to look like a catholic church would be a nice gesture. It’s one beautiful piece. Here are gifts for priests who are leaving your parish

7. Devotional Candle


Lighting candles is synonymous with the catholic church. Candles are lit during adoration, holy mass, prayer meetings, devotions, etc., so an iconic gift for your mum would be a devotional candle she can pray with. 


8. Amazonite Stone Rosary Beads

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

I’ve had this rosary several times and can attest to its standard and high quality. It’s one tough and great rosary, not to forget its beauty. 

9. Virgin Mary Adjustable Bracelet

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

In the church, women are admonished to emulate the Blessed Virgin Mary, an excellent gift for your mom on Mother’s Day would be this fabulous adjustable bracelet with a medal of The BVM. These are bulk Christian gifts on Father’s Day.

10. Gift Certificate To A Religious Goods Store


Most of the time, instead of trying to figure out what your catholic mom would want or getting her something she doesn’t need or has in excess, you can get her a gift certificate to some catholic or religious store and allow the lady to pick what she needs. 


11. Virgin of Guadalupe Statue

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

12. Ave Maria Notebook

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

Ave Maria translates to Hail Mary, a symbolic gift for your mom this Mother’s Day would be a notebook depicting the blessed virgin Mary.

This book would turn into her new grocery list book, ideas, notes, memo, bible study, etc. Speaking of that, see these gifts for bible study ladies

13. Mexican Mocha Flavor Coffee

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

This isn’t random coffee, although Mum might fancy some excellent coffee. This is a coffee from Mexico that references our Lady of Guadalupe. 

14. Angel Rose Figurines

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

A friendly, caring angel glass enclosing a rose is one fantastic gift for every religious mom on Mother’s Day. It’s cool having this around her house and on strategic parts of her house.

It’s best suited as a bedside lamp, but it would do even as a decoration on her table. The light it dishes makes it a beautiful gift. 

15. Cross Pendant Necklace

 catholic Mother's Day giftscatholic Mother's Day gifts

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