Healing Hearts Deserve Some Compassionate Gesture, so Get These Gifts for a Mother Who Lost Her Son

It is such a big taboo or something unspoken off in so many societies and cultures for a parent to bury their kids, many support that it should be the other way around if it must it even gets more messed up when the loss is between a mother and a son with the mother the bereaved and the son the lost one.

It is such a devastating experience and one that those around find it so difficult to console the woman because what exactly can you even say to her to help her deal with this loss?

While typing this, I can’t help but imagine what it would mean like losing my son, I would be so broken and despite knowing how broken I would be if that happened I can’t still imagine what the bereaved in your case may be feeling.

Well, during these times, what she needs is as much support, availability, gestures, and compassion as she can muster and while trying to find the right words to say to her may be proven unproductive, there are a few things we can do to help with the pain, gifts. 

Yes, our goal is to ensure that the pain she currently feels is as bearable as possible so we will go on a haunt finding out some awesome gifts for a mother who lost her son and hope that it would help her find solace. 

Other Gifts for a Bereaved

Consoling Gifts for a Mother Who Lost Her Son

1. Sympathy Card


The most common yet thoughtful gesture in this type of situation is to send a sympathy card, yes, it is an age-long practice and might come off as a cliche, but a sympathy card is one of those gifts that will always be there. 

It also gives you room to express how sorry you are for her loss in words by writing. On this card, tell the lady how you wish her well, if you both have a strong relationship, you can throw in an inside joke, I hope this helps. 


2. Memorial Tree or Plant


Planting a tree or a plant in honor of her late son is one of those forever gifts. By doing this, you’ll be preserving the memory of the young king. 

While simultaneously beautifying her environment you’ll be giving her a plant she can take care of and happily after her healing process. 


3. Customized Photo Frame


A customized photo frame where she can place a dear picture of her son would go a long way. This photo frame would have a write-up in memory of the boy. 

It could be his birth to death, his favorite name, something he likes saying, a memory of both her and her son, etc, my point is, it shouldn’t be a random photo frame. 


4. Memorial Artwork


An artwork in memory of her son that reflects his interest is another awesome piece to add to his mother’s collection. 

If his room is scattered with many such artworks, then this would be another awesome addition to there.

So, if he were a mechanic, an artwork celebrating mechanics would do, the same idea should be applied to not just his job but his hobby too. 


5. Meditation or Yoga Classes


She needs this so much, meditation and yoga are some of the ways she can get back on her feet. You’ll be helping her healing process if you provide her with some meditation and yoga classes subscription. 


6. Subscription Service


Another idea of a great gift for a mother who lost her son would entail offering a subscription to a streaming service or book club to provide entertainment and distraction.

Around when she is getting on her feet, she needs to get hooked on something that would keep her a bit distracted so she doesn’t spiral down into another mental breakdown. 


7. Handwritten Letters


Write a series of heartfelt letters for them to read whenever they need encouragement.


8. Support Groups


Do a little research and find some support groups or grieve meetings around her area and get her registered to it so she can keep attending them and find support from people who are grieving too, there’s so much strength she can draw from this and it helps to keep her distracted especially if she was used to having her son around before his demise. 


9. Soothing Bath Products

 gifts for a mother who lost her songifts for a mother who lost her son

A basket of bath salts, oils, and scented candles can encourage relaxation. This would help her deal with the grief that comes later and in the quiet.

If we experience something traumatic, we tend to overthink these things when we are alone and one of the possible places of experiencing this is in the bathroom. 

So, with a basket of oils, scented candles, and other essentials, she would be a bit relaxed and might ignore the proclivity to be sad while alone. 

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10. Compassionate Companion


I believe this is one of the best gestures you can offer her. Getting her gifts would help no doubt but she will appreciate your company more, so if you are sure she would, please be around her as much as possible. 

Try to be that shoulder she can cry and always rely on because she needs it at this point. We are social beings and we greatly appreciate people being around us when we go through life.


11. Memorial Garden Stone

 gifts for a mother who lost her songifts for a mother who lost her son

A memorial stone with her son’s name especially in her garden or yard would be an awesome way to ensure the memory of the boy lives on. 

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12. Personalized Wind Chime

 gifts for a mother who lost her songifts for a mother who lost her son

A wind chime is such a nice piece to have in any household and for her, consider personalizing the wind chime with something related to the boy.

It would be awesome for her to sit in her front yard under the wind chime while relaxing, the soothing and calm sound the chime makes would help her relax. 

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