Share in Their Sorrows and Go beyond Words with These Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Daughter

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The loss of a daughter is such a huge pain that leaves a big yoke and emptiness in the hearts of friends, relatives, and neighbors; for the parents, this loss is unmatched, especially after getting so much bond with their dear daughters.

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During these difficult times for parents, it is our wish as friends, family, neighbors, and well-wishers to help them find comfort and solace and help them deal with such a significant loss. 

It goes without saying there are just so many material gifts we can do in such previous times, but it still serves as a thoughtful and empathic gesture and adds some sunlight rays to this gloomy darkness that the parents are facing. 

In such a loss, the family and parents need every compassion and understanding they can muster; those words and gestures may seem inadequate, but they will contribute and play a little role in their recovery.

In this guide, I try to fetch gifts and point out actions you and others can do to help the parents bear all of these. 

These gifts aim to provide warmth and love and help them find solace during these times. I hope my list of gifts for someone who lost a daughter will really help and communicate to the bereaved that we care.

Other Gifts for a Bereaved

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Daughter

1. Memory Book

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

It doesn’t matter how long they’ve had their daughter; when it comes to parents and kids, they always have hundreds of memories between both.

You might not get it as much as the parents, but with an excellent journal and scrapbook, they can document some of their incredible memories. 

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2. Comforting Blanket

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

During those difficult times, they might want to squeeze themselves into a corner and cry out, want to be alone in the dark, and in such situations, an excellent soft and fluffy blanket is the ideal item to have around; consider getting that awesome person a nice blanket to get wrapped in. As much as we aren’t trying to make them cry more, there’s not much we can do, so we should at least make it comfortable for them.  

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3. Personalized Photo Frame

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

Go for something unique, a nice photo frame they can squeeze and hold on to feel closer to their beloved daughter. 

Preferably, please do if you can engrave some words on the frame, maybe the child’s name, her birthday till death, or even some consoling words. 

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4. Memorial Wind Chime

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

A pleasant wind chime would look really good on their lobby or veranda, but most significantly, it would bring back fantastic memories of their little one whenever it sings; if possible, go for customized wind chimes. These are gifts for grieving mothers

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5. Customized Candle

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

A lovely scented candle with a great scent that would create a soothing ambiance and environment would be excellent for the bereaved. 

Our environment is integral to our well-being, so consider getting one for the parents and let them add some comforting scent around the house.

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6. Book of Sympathy Quotes

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

A book with messages that would console them, provide solace and inspire them is another excellent way to help them. 

These books could be handy when everyone is gone and they are almost in those teary moments. Be intentional about this gift. 

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7. Plant a Tree


Planting a tree in memory of their daughter is a beautiful way to have a lasting memory and pay a lasting tribute to their daughter. 

Most of the gifts here won’t last more than a year, at most five years, but a tree would always be there and would forever preserve the memory of the young one. 


8. Memorial Artwork


This artwork shouldn’t be something random; it shouldn’t even be a picture of the daughter unless you are going to be creative about it. 

Get a local artist and get them to draw art that is symbolic in a way. Maybe the child’s favorite animal, a picture depicting the child’s spirit, a combination of the daughter and her parents, etc. 


9. Memorial Garden Stone

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

Another excellent gift is a memorial stone that holds a picture of the girl or her name, including her life’s dates. Like the tree, it is a way to preserve the child’s memory for a long time. 

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10. Donation in Her Name


It would be best to consider donations to a cause or charity, preferably one the child is interested in and in the child’s name. 

This would communicate the message or feeling that the child is still doing good even in death. We will miss her. These are gifts for someone who has lost their mother


11. Memorial Garden Kit

 gifts for someone who lost a daughtergifts for someone who lost a daughter

Also, get your hands dirty with some garden dirt and fix up a lovely garden in memory of the child. Let it blossom into a park or a place where the parents and well-wishers can go when they want to be with nature. 

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12. Comforting Tea Set


During those moments of reflection or being alone, a nice comforting tea set would suffice. 


13. Tribute Video


If you can, create a video featuring the child’s pictures, videos, events, actions, or anything excellent that has the daughter in it. It would be an excellent piece for everyone to watch and laugh over. 


14. Virtual Memorial Service


I doubt everyone made it to the funeral. Still, you can do a virtual memorial service where everyone can tune in and let it be light and entertaining so you will all support the parents and help offload the yoke they already carry. 


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