Say Farewell to Them and Their Lost Feline with These Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Cat

This article means a whole lot to me as a cat person who is really fond of her five-year-old cat; I can’t imagine how I would feel to lose my annoying furry ball. Watch cat videos online, and maybe you’ll know how cat lovers rate and love their cats.

I wouldn’t make the comparison of losing a cat to losing a human being, relative, or friend; however, I know we humans tend to create bonds with things but living and non-living things. For your dear friend losing their cat might be equivalent to losing someone dear to their heart, so together, let’s figure out some gifts for someone who lost a cat. 

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Other Gifts for a Bereaved

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Who Lost a Cat

1. Memorial Picture Frame

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A picture frame showcasing their lovely cat would do. An excellent portrait with fantastic memories of the cat is yet another excellent gift for your dear cat lover. If possible, attach the name of the cat or its life duration, birth – death. 

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2. Cat-Themed Memorial Wind Chimes

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

Some pleasant wind chimes but one heavily cat themed is another excellent gift for your receiver. Something that would keep their surrounding peaceful and serene is an ideal gift for your dear receiver. Let the chimes play some pleasant and soothing sounds for your receiver. 

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3. Pet Memorial Jewelry

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A pendant or bracelet with a cat’s paw print or cat charm is another excellent gift for someone who lost their cat. I also have a gift guide for someone who just lost a dog

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4. Cat Memorial Garden Kit

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

I’ll suggest you have this garden where the cat was laid to rest. Some seeds, soil, planting instructions, etc., would get the job done.

This is symbolic, in my opinion; it signifies that despite the cat being dead, it can still give life, especially as it made the house lively with its existence. 

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5. Personalized Pet Memorial Stone

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A memory stone would be an excellent gift for your receiver, with a memorial stone built to honor their cat. Having this stone in their lawn or garden would make sense, especially one the cat frequented. 

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6. Pet Loss Support Group Membership


You never know the importance of a support group if you only watch from outside until you need to attend one. A friendly support group would play a significant role in helping your dear one process and recover from the shock of the death of their lovely feline. 


7. Pet Loss Sympathy Card


Something that expresses your loss, a lovely sympathy card may be small, but at the very least, it shows that you care about their general well-being. 


8. Pet Loss Remembrance Necklace


This shouldn’t be a random necklace; let it be somewhat of a vase or case that can hold the cat’s ashes or furs. 


9. Memorial Garden Statue

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A cat-shaped garden statue or memorial marker that can be placed in their outdoor space to honor their cat’s memory

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10. Professional Pet Loss Counseling


You care for them and would love them to recover from this significant shift in their life; also, consider arranging for them to receive professional grief counseling from a therapist specializing in pet loss. 


11. Pet Loss Memorial Candle


12. Cat-Themed Journal

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

During all grieving processes, writing is one thing that has helped me navigate my way. This is the same for so many people.

For your dear cat lover who is at a point of grief, please consider getting them an excellent journal that is heavily cat-themed, something they can write their ideas, thoughts, memories, etc., which should help them process their grief. 

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13. Pet Loss Support Book

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A book that offers comfort and support through the grieving process, providing insights and coping strategies.

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14. Customized Pet Loss Print

 gifts for someone who lost a catgifts for someone who lost a cat

A lovely print with the cat’s name, birth, death dates, writeups, a poem, etc., is another excellent gift for your cat lover. 

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15. Donation to an Animal Shelter


Yes, consider this. A donation to any animal shelter of your choice in their name would mean so much to both them and the cat’s memory.

I’ll have suggested you also consider adopting a cat for them, but I doubt they are ready to replace their lovely cat, so let’s leave it as a donation. 

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