For the Memories Shared Despite Not Being Physically Reachable These Are Great Pen Pal Gift Ideas

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Few of us can relate to how much of a big deal having pen pals was, especially those not born during the social media era. While social media has somehow made pen pal relationships a bit obsolete, many of us can still boast of many incredible relationships we established by sending and receiving letters to people we may or may not have seen living miles away. So, if you have such a relationship, these are some excellent pen pal gift ideas.

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All Pen Pal Gift Ideas

1. Cookies Variety Pack

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

You have your pen pal’s address, so you can send this cookie variety pack to them. This pack contains Grandma’s Mini Chocolate Chip, Grandmas Mini Sandwich Cremes, Famous Amos Chocolate Chip, and much more. There are about two of each in this pack.

2. Friendship Bracelet Pen Pal Pack

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

A penpal pack containing a pen, feather pens, sticky notes, a small paper cutter, and many other excellent items packaged in a small purse is another exceptional gift to send to your PenPal.

3. Pocket Leather Notebook

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

As you may have guessed, your pen pal has a truckload of things to jot down, from letters to send to you, notes, grocery lists, shopping lists, ideas, quotes, and so much more.

Besides giving your pen pal room to write and quickly jot down things, this gift also allows space to store cards, tickets, and loose notes and features a bookmark set.

4. Stationery Gift Set

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

Share this with your pen pal, sister. This gift set contains an address book, stationery, envelopes, a feather pen, a large mail holder, stickers, and gift tags. There is things your penpal sister would fancy,

5. Stardust Meteor Pen Set

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

This pen set features a ton of ball pens in different colors. The hands behind this built it to capture the extra sparkle and glitter stars radiate; they then convert this to ball pens, making handwriting extra-special. The pens are comfortable to use and would make a write-up more excellent.

6. Pen Friend Throw Pillow

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

A throw pillow with “Best Pen Pal” boldly written on it is one other pen pal exchange gift idea.

7. Office Desk Organizers

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

This organizer gives room to hold her pens, pencils, glasses, scissors, and mobile phones. On receiving this gift, your pen pal would always have a pretty neat table.

They can have this on their office table, room table, workstation, and much more. The wood used in making this organizer is top-notch and would stand the test of time.

8. T-Shirt

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

“Pen Pal are friends forever” yeah, they are. Those words are written on this t-shirt; your pen pal would love this t-shirt.

9. Antique Calligraphy Dip Pen

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

Take your pen pal down the time path by grabbing this vintage gift. This gift set contains a natural feather pen, five calligraphy dip heads for different writing styles, and storage bottle, and much more. In totality, this gift set is perfect for your dear pen pal.

10. Multitool Pen

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

This isn’t some random type of pen; yes, it does the job of a good ballpoint pen; however, it is a multitool device with room for a bright led light, screen stylus pen, flathead, Philips screw, measuring ruler,

bubble leaver, and a few other tools. You probably know how your pen pal’s day is structured, so you can decide if this is the ideal gift. I’ll term this a gift for the handy pen pal.

11. Pen Pal Pen Holders

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

The name says it all, and this is a pen holder that indicates that it is an item meant to be sent as a gift to your pen pal. It has a flexible design to hold almost all pen sizes.

As a plus, its sticky under makes it perfect for many surfaces, from cars, notepads, clipboards, computers, calendars, etc.

12. Personal Bookmarks

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

Consider something dear to your pen pal, something they’ve revealed and probably forgotten to you, and then pick any bookmark that somehow fits that description. Bookmarks are essential; they’ll protect your Penpals book from having dog ears.

13. Fridge Magnet

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

Also, you can grab a fridge magnet that is related to your penpal in one way or the other, and it could be their hobbies, guilty pleasure, how they spend their time, what they call you, or you call them something entirely related to them the grab any fridge magnet that fits.

14. Encouragement Cards

pen pal gift ideaspen pal gift ideas

If you are close enough to your pen pal to know what they are dealing with or a goal or task they are trying to accomplish, get them this pack of about 100 encouragement cards. These cards would keep your dear pen pal delighted and inspired. A happy pen pal would always write to you.

15. Audiobook

gifts associated with sound

Consider grabbing an audiobook, maybe a help book, a book they’ve always wanted to read, a book from their favorite author, a book from an author in their country, state, or county; Amazon has a truckload of audiobooks to choose from.

Wrapping up on Pen Pal Gift Ideas

Some perfect pen pal gift ideas include the vintage feather pen, a bookmark or fridge magnet that relates to them, an audiobook, a throw pillow, a t-shirt, and other gifts. These gifts would mean a lot to them, a good git would make your pen pal happy, and a happy pen pal would always write to you.

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