With These Gifts for People With Parkinson’s, You Can Significantly Help Improve Their Lives a Lot

You can ignore some sicknesses at least or pretend it’s not there and go about your “normal” life; Parkinson’s isn’t one of those.

This ailment can affect your soul and body, rendering you helpless throughout the day. It affects every activity with tremors or instability, often resulting in accidents and discomfort. 

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I presume you have someone going through this in your life already; hence you are searching for some lovely gifts for them.

When you go buying gifts for people with Parkinson’s, you try to aim for majorly two things, what would make the ailment bearable by helping them carry out their daily activities, and you go for items that could help them emotionally because this also affects them. Without much ado, here are fantastic gifts for people with Parkinson’s. 

Thoughtful Gifts for People With Parkinson’s

1. Weighted Utensils – For Easier And More Controlled Eating

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

As you know already, the tremors often affect their grip; you don’t want them holding your traditional spoon and cutlery when eating; you should go for weighted utensils that would give them room for better grip, allowing them to enjoy their meals at least. 

2. Adaptive Clothing – For Easier Dressing And Undressing

Just like the weighted utensils, for Parkinson’s patients, we often aim to make their usual activities as bearable and more manageable as possible. With adaptive clothing, they should find getting dressed up a bit easier as these clothes ensure that. 

3. Voice-activated Smart Speaker – For Easy And Hands-free Communication And Control Of The Home Environment

gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

The last thing you need is your dear loved ones stressing themselves too much, so we aim to automate things that can be done that way.

There are different voice-activated smart speakers; consider getting one to help them control some things right from the comfort of their beds or chairs. These are gifts for someone about to undergo surgery. 

4. Adjustable Cane – For Stability And Support During Walking

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

Parkinson’s and old age is such a daunting combo; it’s pretty often to meet Parkinson’s patients of age; if you are facing a similar scenario, ensure you get an excellent adjustable cane to help them stabilize while walking and navigating their way. 

5. Medication Reminder Device – For Easy And Timely Medication Reminders

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

You can help them keep on time for their medication; a suitable medication reminder device would ensure that. This device is one practical gift for Parkinson’s patients and senior citizens. Also, here are gifts with sight issues

6. Parkinson’s Disease Awareness Bracelet – For Raising Awareness And Support

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

Nearly 90,000 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s yearly in the US, that’s quite a lot, and there aren’t that many people who are aware of this; it’s common amongst older adults, and we are all going to get old now, we can afford it how about some PD awareness? 

7. Personalized Medication Tracker – For Keeping Track Of Medications And Dosages

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

The amount of medication sometimes gets overwhelming for so many of us; there are sometimes so many drugs to take, and a medication tracker comes into the mix; it helps them keep track of the number of drugs they’ve taken and how to navigate moving forward. 

8. Hand Tremor Stabilizing Device – For Minimizing The Effects Of Hand Tremors


While PD can’t be cured, it can be managed, so many devices can help PD patients control their grips and deal with the tremors, consider getting one for your dear PD relative; this would help. These are gifts for someone in the hospital

9. Parkinson’s Disease Guidebook – For Comprehensive Information On Parkinson’s Disease And Its Management

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

We all have a first time as patients of PD and loved ones of those with PD; understanding how to deal with PD by default is almost impossible, but with the right resources, we can understand how to navigate life with Parkinson’s. Grab one or two of this book for your dear relative and one for you to familiarize yourself with how to handle Parkinson, it isn’t the end of the road, and with great care, you can help immensely. 

10. Speech Therapy Software – For Improving Speech And Communication


Parkinson’s can also affect the speech of carriers, patients tend to speak quietly and in one tone; most times, it sounds like they are fighting to speak as it sounds breathy and hoarse and can convert emotions. Excellent speech therapy can help; please do this so they’ll communicate with you effectively if needed. 


11. Massage Therapy Device – For Relieving Muscle Tension And Stiffness

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

While we aim to get them items that would help them navigate their Parkinson’s journey more strategically, we should ensure they are getting enough rest and aren’t stressing their muscle; with an excellent massage therapy device, your dear Parkinson’s loved one can set their muscle in a great shape which would help relax them. 

12. Reacher Tool – For Reaching And Grabbing Items From High Shelves Or Hard-to-reach Areas

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

You or others wouldn’t often be around them, and one of the principles behind writing this article is to ensure the Parkinson’s patient can do things even while alone. A teacher tool is one important tool that would help significantly with picking things. Also, see these gifts for heart surgery patients

13. Weighted Pens

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

Someone with an activity-filled life would still have a lot of writing and jottings to do; with Parkinson in them, writing with our conventional pen becomes a headache, but with an excellent weighted pen, they’ll do the writing effectively as there’s enough room to help get a firm grip. 

14. Personalized Journal – For Recording Thoughts, Feelings, And Experiences

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

I’ll suggest you get this gift alongside the weighted pen. In their solidarity, they can do many things with a book and a pen; how about their life story, experiences, feelings, and new stories? There’s a whole room of possibilities, and an excellent weighted pen and journal are ideal. 

15. Parkeys Puzzles – A Game for Parkinson Patients

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

They can’t stop playing games; games are much more than a source of entertainment; some can stimulate the brain, bring about some creativity, keep you engaged, and much more.

Someone with Parkinson’s designed this game and claims it helps keep the brain younger while sharpening motor skills. 

16. Dual Handle Mug

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

They also need a unique mug; your typical mug won’t cut it. Grab a dual-handle mug for your Parkinson’s patient and help them navigate their way around their coffee. 

17. Key Turner 

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

Still on the gripping aid, an excellent key turner can be one of many fabulous gifts for people with Parkinson’s. You don’t want them fumbling with their keys, especially if there are in a hurry. 

18. My Gift from God – Paperback

 gifts for people with parkinson’sgifts for people with parkinson’s

Suppose your dear friend is a religious person. In that case, they should have this book from a fellow Parkinson’s patient detailing their experience with this ailment and how they’ve navigated it so far while dishing out reassurance and hope. 

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