Get Any of These Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists in Your Life

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They are often anxious and highly observant; you should get at least one or two gifts for conspiracy theorists in your life.

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No, they aren’t weird; they are unique; if they weren’t, you wouldn’t be in this article. Not going to lie, they aren’t many unique items for conspiracy theorists, but I did a real dig.

Most conspiracy theorists think that if you give them the room, they can explain things, and you start to see reason in what they are saying; I’ll say they are pretty persuasive.

As we have said in other articles here, you should aim to satisfy their profession, interest, or hobby when you buy presents for people.

A conspiracy theory is more of an interest than a career. Without much ado, check out this list of the best gifts for your favorite conspiracy theorist.


1. Alien Necktie

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

I am no conspiracy theorist, but I find it difficult to believe humans are the only occupants of the whole universe. The is a chance that your favorite conspiracy theorist believes Aliens exist too, so this Alien necktie is quite symbolic of his beliefs.

It’s perfect for that UFO lover; the Pentagon released some videos confirming a thing or two about UFOs. Add class to his dressing while appealing to his interest with this Alien necktie.

2. Conspiracy Games

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Heck yeah, they are games for them, too; get this item; you, who aren’t a conspiracy theorist, might want to join them while they play.

This conspiracy theory trivia board game will test their knowledge of the world of Internet conspiracies. They will need about two to six people to enjoy this game, so you might be joining him to play. It is an excellent game, perfect for conspiracy theorists of 14 years and above.

3. Dogs of the Oligarchs

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Do you know how the world works? You don’t. Are we all dogs under the control of a few powerful people? Is a more significant battle playing out for world domination that we cannot comprehend? One that has been raging for eons?

Dogs of the Oligarchs will have them wondering why things are the way they are and how they came to belong after finishing the book. It may be fiction, but its implications are real. It’s a perfect present for a conspiracy theorist who is just starting.

4. Conspiracy Theorist Medal

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

You can get them this medal for staying so consistent on their belief for a long. It could also feature as a gag gifts for any conspiracy theorist.

It also cuts as a perfect piece for them to add to their Christmas tree. This cute medal is made from high-quality material with nice colors making it an excellent decor for them.

5. Security Camera

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Oh yes, they need it; as conspiracy theorists, they often need to be aware of their surroundings and know if the men-in-black are around or not.

Your favorite conspiracy theorist shouldn’t be bothered about getting hacked since the system used in these cameras is secured by suitable private protocols and most hack-proof encryptions to protect the stream from hackers.

6. Conspiracy Theorist Degree

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

You got this here if you want a personalized conspiracy theory gift. After being in the “Conspiracy Theory Univers-ity” for x number of years, they need to graduate, so add style to their graduation by getting this degree. It will also make for a good gag gift idea for them.

7. Government Conspiracy Shirt I

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

You can get them something practical by getting this piece of clothing. Are they still waiting for the black helicopters, or are they still trying to prove chemtrails? Then this shirt is ideal for them, and they know a truckload of things, trust me.

8. The Evil Eye

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

This eye is often associated with so many conspiracy theories; I mean, you can find this eye in The Lords of the Rings, on the dollar, and, yes, the Illuminati.

This sterling silver pendant features the Evil Eye with a Blue CZ center stone within Egyptian cosmology, which symbolizes the eye of the person who has achieved enlightenment through various incarnations and learned God’s mystery.

It is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Many cultures also believe that the “evil look” will bring you bad luck, so people wear jewelry of the evil eye to ward off harm and envy.

9. Metal Detector

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

A good number of conspiracy theorists are skeptical that chemtrails aren’t already in their water or surrounding, but with this metal detector, they will easily dig up where they are. If you have a theorist who believes some precious metal is hidden around them, they will also appreciate this gift.

10. Alien Socks

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Why won’t there be Alien socks if there’s a tie? First, find their favorite colors, then pick from over ten colors available there.

This comfortable, ultra-soft sock is made of 58% cotton, 40% polyester, and 2% spandex. Your favorite conspiracy theorist can dress with swag when they are out with Earthlings; that’s you and me, lol.

11. Conspiracy Theorist Journal

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

They have to keep track of everything they find, the location of that stone two hours ago, the minute it took before the weather changed after that drone pass, and so much more.

One characteristic all conspiracy theorists have in common is writing, writing, sketching, drawing, calculating, documenting, and keeping notes, so with this journal, trust them to do all of these perfectly.

12. Conspiracy Theorist Shirt II

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Yeah, I have suggested a shirt up there already, but most write-ups on different tops appeal to other conspiracy theorists; this here boldly states they are “Conspiracy Theorists.” Its colors are solid, and so is its material; this is a fantastic gift for that extraordinary conspiracy theorist.

13. Ouija Mouse Mat

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

The Ouija board is not something to be joked with. However, you can get this awesome mousepad for that female conspiracy theorist in your life.

A good number of conspiracy theorists don’t frequent a computer, especially those who believe the government or men-in-black are up to them.

Meanwhile, another set of conspiracy theorists are avid computer users; those are who this mat is for. The design is permanent and will not peel off or wipe off.

14. The Great Influenza

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

Although the world wasn’t prepared for the COVID-19 pandemic, we still haven’t handled it that badly compared to what history has had to deal with.

If you want to know more about that topic, now is the right time to get this excellent gift for that conspiracy theorist who will fill you in on everything about it later.

In the winter of 1918, at the height of World War I, history’s most lethal influenza virus erupted in an army camp in Kansas, moved east with American troops, then exploded, killing as many as 100 million people worldwide.

It killed more people in 24 weeks than AIDS has killed in 24 years, more in a year than the Black Death killed in a century. But this was not the Middle Ages, and 1918 marked the first collision between modern science and epidemic disease.

15. Funny Conspiracy Theorist Mug

gifts for conspiracy theoristsgifts for conspiracy theorists

I haven’t seen a conspiracy theorist who has a beef with coffee yet; this funny mug is perfect for them until then. What excuse do they give you when you outrightly call them “Conspiracy Theorist?

” Well, my nephew says he isn’t one; he does his research. This mug has an inscription that reads, “I’m Not a Conspiracy Theorist; I Just Do My Research.”

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Conspiracy Theorists

They matter; you prove that to them by adding them to your shopping list. When you give them any tailored item to appeal to their interest or hobby, they will appreciate them, it shows support, and though you disagree with what they are selling, you still love them. Thank you for stopping by, do have a great day and fantastic gift shopping.

Stephanie May

Stephanie May

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