For Being Such an Awesome Understanding Landlady Pick One of These Gifts for Landlady

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Some of us are lucky to have great excellent landladies. These ladies often stand in as our mothers or a motherly figure, some are pretty understanding and don’t hold your bills against you, and some haven’t

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increased rents in a while, especially during the COVID lockdowns. Show her some appreciation for being such a darling, grab any of these gifts for the landlady, and tell her to thank you, happy Christmas, happy birthday, or any other reason.

All Gifts for Landlady

1. Item Locator

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

If you’ve handled a good amount of keys, you’ll know how easy it is for a key to get missing. Getting this item locator for your landlady would be you getting her a thoughtful gift.

With this key finder and Bluetooth capabilities, finding her keys would be easy for your landlady. It is accessible at a 400 ft distance and is water-resistant.

2. Landlady T-Shirt

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

A boldly engraved t-shirt with the word “Landlady” is the perfect gift for your landlady. It is a quality piece and is made of mostly cotton. She’ll love this shirt and could use it for her evening strolls or when checking her apartment.

3. Back Massager

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

You know your landlady pretty well; if she’s the landlady of an apartment, then there’ll be many stairs she’ll be climbing. Also, an old landlady would have frail old bones.

In any of such instances, a good back and neck massager is the best gift you can get her. These kneading massage nodes provide deep massage to her tissues and muscles, giving her a soothing and relaxing experience for her strained muscles.

4. Landlady Forms

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

This comprehensive, customizable collection of over 130 professionally written, time-tested residential. It contains everything she will need, from tenant approval to removal.

It is prepared by over 100 professional landlords, property managers, and real estate investors with more than 100.

5. Zippered Key Case

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

Save your landlady the stress of having to filter through so many keys to find a specific key by getting her this zippered key case.

It’s most practical that she could carry this case around when she goes apartment inspection. Also, in emergency cases, she can quickly locate the specific key.

6. Cool Jewelry Bag

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

This jewelry bag features a write-up revealing how excellent your landlady is as a realtor. “Realtor, because badass miracle worker isn’t an official job title.” It is waterproof coated to ensure the words engraved don’t easily clean out.

7. Funny Landlady T-Shirt

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

The words “No Pay No Stay” is a good gift for your dramatic landlady, especially with a great sense of humor.

It would bring a good laugh from her and anyone who sees her in it. If she wears this when she’s going “rent collecting,” I don’t know if everyone would see the humor in it *wink.

8. Another Funny Landlady T-Shirt

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

“Slum Lord”

9. Water Bottle with Time Marker

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

Equipped with a detachable travel carry strap, spill-proof flip-top lid, convenient wide mouth, and a fruit infusion filter, this stylish hydroxy water bottle has everything your landlady would need to stay hydrated around the clock.

10. Rental Property Record Book

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

This book contains spaces for her to keep track of tenants, performed and upcoming maintenance, income & expense per property, etc. It has enough space for landlords and property managers to track 5 rental properties and 34 tenants.

11. Funny Landlady Mug 1

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

This mug reminds her that you are her favorite tenant by displaying these engraved words that read, “My favorite tenant got me this mug” yes, you did. See these gifts for bible study ladies.

12. Funny Landlady Mug 2

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

“Mother Effing Homeowner” one day, you’ll also be that, but for now, get your landlady this cup to remind her how much of an achiever she is.

13. Funny Landlady Mug 3

gifts for landladygifts for landlady

“She who must be obeyed” is a “lady,” so, yeah, she gotta be obeyed, and I hope she gets the joke here too.

Wrapping up on Gifts for Landlady

There aren’t that many gifts for landladies, but we’ve been able to dig out a few. These mugs have inscriptions for her just like the t-shirts, also, you can get her the fruit-infused water bottle, jewelry bag, and other items. Your dear landlady would love every gift here.

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