Tell Dad “Día Del Padre” With Some of These Mexican Father’s Day Gifts

If you know a bit about Mexico and its traditions, you’ll learn how days like this are reverenced, when they celebrate their parents.

This gift guide counts if your dad is Mexican, has some Mexican heritage, or just like the Mexican culture; there’s something for him here. 

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In this guide, I try to come up with some awesome Mexican Father’s Day gifts that would come alongside your “Feliz Día del Padre,” so let’s see what I came up with. 

 Best Mexican Father’s Day Gifts

1. A Traditional Mexican Poncho Or Serape

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

You can’t have a Mexican gift discussion without including the iconic Poncho. This cloth is very iconic in the Mexican civilization. So, as your dad loves Mexican culture or is from Mexico, grab this lovely piece for the man. 

2. A Set Of Handcrafted Mezcal Or Tequila Glasses

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

A nice Mezcal or tequila glass would do, but they should be handcrafted, especially the mezcal; this is also unique to Mexico. See these gifts for Hispanic mothers

3. A Decorative Talavera Tile Plaque Or Artwork

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

Some fantastic art or a plaque broadcasting the Mexican culture is another symbolic Mexican gift for your receiver, your dad.

Let him have something to show the world that the man is a big Mexico fan, which could spark a convo with whoever comes in contact with it. 

4. A Set Of Traditional Mexican Spices

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

Bring out the culinary skills your dad has been harboring, get his creative juices running, and let him fix up some magic in the kitchen or grill for everyone; I hope he doesn’t disappoint. 

5. Engraved Pocket Knife for Daddy

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

The words engraved on this pocket knife translate to “The hardest working dad” it’s pretty symbolic and perfect for the dad who is indeed hardworking, the handy and awesome dad. 

6. A Mexican Cookbook

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

Still, to bring out Dad’s creative juice, you should grab this awesome Mexican cookbook for him; you know what, for this year’s father’s day, let him fix the whole house a nice meal; yes, he has to. Check out these gifts for Mexican mothers

7. A Hand-painted Pottery Vase

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

He could use this to hold some flowers, for storing some essential things, or just a keepsake; whichever way he chooses, this is one lovely vase to have in his house, and your dad might agree. 

8. 3D Photo Night Light

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

Get dad this cool gadget for the photo suggestion; let it be something memorable, something incredible, a picture of him and his partner, the family, him receiving an award, a happy moment, etc. Steal a glance at these gifts for Spanish lovers

9. A Hand-woven Hammock

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

How about a nice hammock for dad to rest in, something he can have at his cabin or lake house? Have a glance at these American Gifts to Take to Mexico.

10. A Handcrafted Copper Pitcher

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

This is a symbol of royalty, no doubt dad wasn’t born into one, but he is such an awesome dad and deserves a beautiful copper pitcher around his house. 

11. A Hand-painted Clay Candle Holder

 mexican Father's Day giftsmexican Father's Day gifts

Candles are very symbolic to the Mexican tradition, from using it at the houses’ alter, to honor the dead, adding some beauty to the surroundings, etc.; get dad a quality hand-painted clay candle holder, something extraordinary he can have not just his room but even in his office. 


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