For Being Such Nice People These Are Some Tenant Appreciation Gifts for Them

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While many stay grateful for having excellent landlords, landladies, or property managers/owners, there are many others who, as property owners, feel lucky for having a set of people as their tenants. Showing your tenants that you appreciate how awesome they’ve been while staying on your property is sometimes rare but something laudable. Without much ado, these are some cool tenant appreciation gifts.

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All Tenant Appreciation Gifts

1. Essential Oil Wooden Diffuser

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

An essential oil diffuser is an incredible gift to get your tenant. This is a relaxation gift and is ideal for that tenant you know who is going through a lot or works their ass off to get by.

This essential oil diffuser can last 10 hours with a water tank capacity of 120ml. The mist output of an aromatherapy diffuser can cover a wide area creating a much cooler and fragrance feel.

2. Chocolate Gift Box

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

A Thank You chocolate gift box is the best goto; it wouldn’t cost you much and is a gift that fits every occasion. With this chocolate box, you are gifting them something they could enjoy eating.

Each pretzel is generously dipped into dark chocolate and topped with mouth-watering flavorful toppings making every bite a feeling to savor, have this ready for the next tenant appreciation day.

3. Natural Bath Bomb

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

A set of bath bombs is another fantastic gift to get your tenant. This specific bath bomb fizzes when tossed into the water while simultaneously realizing chemicals good for one’s body.

The hands behind this make the bath bombs more stylish by lacing them with different colors and making them in different shapes resembling famous products like cupcakes, pink hearts, and much more.

4. Potted Fake Plants

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

These fake plants are some stylish concepts to have in any building. Although artificial, they still resemble a natural plants.

Your dear tenants can have this in their living room, work desk, office, or bedroom. It brings a new look to wherever they are placed.

5. Deep Cleaning Brush Set

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

Restock some of their house products by getting this cleaning brush set. Technically, this gift would also serve you cause it gives them the necessary tools to ensure your house remains clean and reduce maintenance costs.

6. Alexa Premium Smart Home Hub

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

We live in the time of smartphones and smart homes, and you can help make your tenant’s home catch up with the latest by grabbing this smart device.

It features a built-in hub to voice control compatible lights, locks, and sensors. It can also be used to set up alarms, reminders, and much more. This would be a remarkable gift for your tenant.

7. Gift Baskets

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

Like the chocolate gift box, this wine country gift basket is a good item for a tenant whose preference, likes, or hobbies are alien to you. (Gifts for Budweiser lovers)

This wine country gift basket isn’t made for any tribe, religion, etc., making it the best gift for your tenants. You can adapt this gift to any need, thank you, birthday, anniversary, get well soon, etc.

8. Inspirational Coffee Mug

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

Show your tenant you are rooting for them by getting this inspirational coffee mug. The words on the coffee mug, “Sometimes you forget you’re’ awesome, so this is your reminder,” will always remind your tenant that they are the best at what they do and in every circumstance.

9. Custom Desk Calendar

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

A calendar is a lovely gift to get your tenant; however, you can step it up by getting a custom desk calendar; here, you add his pictures, maybe pictures of his sports, favorite team, hobby, or anything related to his way or the other.

10. Funny Coffee Mug

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

This funny coffee mug with the words “Nacho average tenant” would bring out a good laugh from your tenant. It makes more sense if they like Spanish or are even of Hispanic origin.

11. Bluetooth Tracker

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

Keys, remotes, pets, and mobile devices are some things that often and easily get missing. With this Bluetooth tracker, your dear tenant wouldn’t turn the house upside down in search of keys, remotes, etc.

This tile can get one phone to ring when lost and also features a QR for finders to ring or contact you if they find the missing property.

12. Lavender Scented Candles

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

A good scented candle such as this with boldly engraved inspirational writeup might be the perfect gift for your tenant. It helps with her relaxation while also reminding her that she is thoughtful enough to handle whatever life throws at her.

13. Housewarming Wine Bag

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

Get this wine bag for your new tenants. This may not be an article for you, but see some awesome gifts for landladies.

14. Birthday Gift

tenant appreciation gifts

If you are getting them a gift for their birthday, then the button below gives a vast amount of gifts to get them.

15. Grilling Spice Set

tenant appreciation giftstenant appreciation gifts

If your house gives room for a grilling place, get them this grilling spice set; let’s hope you get to partake in the grilling feast.

This set includes 20 unique BBQ rubs and spices, including Lime Chipotle, Chili Rosemary, Jalapeno, Black Cajun, Chili Parsley seasoning, and much more. It will expertly season food.

Wrapping up on Tenant Appreciation Gifts

These are some excellent tenant appreciation gifts, deep cleaning brushes, gift baskets, smart devices, custom desk calendars, and much more are good choices. A chocolate box or wine country gift basket are other options. These gifts would make them aware of how much of an excellent property owner you are.

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