An Exclusive List of the 15 Most Practical And Useful Christmas Gifts This Year

What constitutes as “Useful Christmas Gifts” for you? I bet it’s a present that is very practical—talking about a type of gift that could be used daily or on special occasions. Yes, a basic phone charger may be practical for a gift; however, the possibility of your receiver not having a phone charger is slim.

Getting a useful Christmas gift also goes for someone you don’t know very well or someone who often gives the “Nothing” answer when asked what they’ll want.

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My criteria for choosing the presents here are;

  • I researched with my experience gotten from working in a Gift shop.
  • I picked gifts that have high ratings (as at when we wrote this article).
  • I also picked products that wouldn’t break your bank account but will suffice for today and beyond.

Most gifts on this list may seem very simple, however on a closer look; you’ll realize how important and useful they are. Getting something common like socks may be nice, but that won’t make you stand out? Anyone can get or have socks. So, go below and select any of my 15 most useful Christmas gifts this year.

Also, this lists cuts across Christmas; you could choose gifts here for your friends, birthday, Valentines’ Day, Easter, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, a random friend, and so much more. Don’t forget to check the bonus section as most gifts there could do the trick.

My Top 5 Most Useful Christmas Gifts (I’m biased here lol)

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 1. Adaptive Sound Technology – White Noise Fan

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

I’ll need to throw myself around the four corners of my bed before I finally sleep, so I can relate to how hard it is to sleep for some people. The Adaptive Sound Technology LectroFan is the perfect accessory to get a good night’s rest.

You may have overheard your receiver speak on how hard it was to get a good night’s rest, getting this device that can provide different fan sounds and ambient noise variations (white noise, pink noise, brown noise, etc.).

It helps block disruptive noise so anybody, especially babies, can sleep comfortably. With its precise volume control, your receiver can set it to have that unique environmental ambiance for a good night’s rest. It is one of those unique practical gifts, as I mean, we go to bed every day.

 2. Starling’s Car Trunk Organizer – Durable Storage

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

It is not easy to arrange your things in the trunk when going on trips. It is perfect for families who have SUVs. They will exceptionally be happy with you for this gift.

It can stretch to a considerable standard to carry so many things like tools, groceries, grocery bags, cleaning supplies, and so much more.

Your receiver wouldn’t have a hard time assembling this as its instructions aren’t hard. It offers so many compartments for different things. You should add this to your shopping list this Christmas.

 3. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

It is the number one remedy to sore muscles. Rugged and reliable, the Zyllkon Shiatsu back and neck massager is a practical gift because its user can have a good time after the day’s stress.

It is versatile as it fits comfortably behind the neck and at strategic body contours. I can’t think of a single person who wouldn’t appreciate this gift. Please go check it out below.

 4. Zootility Tool – PocketMonkey tool-set

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

What better definition of useful than being versatile? Imagine a slim, portable tool that can help you tighten screws, peel oranges, open bottles, and do so many other things. That is about 5 in 1.

This tool will fit well in your receiver’s wallet or pocket without attempting to tear it or puncture it. Come on, check it out, and get this for that particular person.

 5. Phone Ring Holder Kick Stand – Smartphone mount

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

It may look small, but until you get conversant with it and use it on multiple occasions, you won’t appreciate it. Everything about this Ring holder is quality. From its zinc alloy and stainless steel to its anti-break feature, this small useful gift is a great idea.

They can use it when on a bus, running, etc. They can also place it on their table or dashboard when making a call or watching a video. Its color is Rosegold, and it will stick perfectly on any smartphone.

 6. Champagne Stopper – No pressure pump needed

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

A good amount of Champagne bars in France, Italy, and now the USA consider this particular Champagne stopper for their day to day services.

Pressure pump bottle stoppers oxides the taste of your drink; this Champagne stopper wouldn’t. The Champagne Stopper operates with the renowned physics Paschal law.

It builds the pressure from inside the bottle and stops CO2 in the liquid. It fits all stands and can be kept upside down or any other way you want. For a start, it has a 5/5 rating on Amazon.

 7. PhoneSoap 3 U.V. Smartphone Sanitizer and Universal Charger

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

So many things have characterized the year 2020 due to the Pandemic. One of the most sung anthems was the “Disinfect your hands” as easy as this is to do with our hands, we sometimes forget that we used our phones. What about having a dusty screen or random food particles on our phone.

Not all phones are waterproof; that is were the PhoneSoap comes in. It comes with two scientifically proven UV-C bulbs to completely kill 99.99% of bacteria and germs and sanitize your device. It also offers one USB and USP-C port for charging. It can accommodate all phone sizes while giving room for charging. Your receiver will surely appreciate this gift.

P.S The Manufacturers didn’t specifically say it kills the COVID-19 virus.

 8. ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

I spend an average of 50 minutes in my bathtub . Imagine having this, let’s forget about the whole day, cause I am never coming out of the bathroom. Do you have someone in mind who spends as much time as me in the bathroom, then this here is for them.

What you have here is a portable caddy, a semi table to accommodate everything a normal person  will need in the bathroom. It is expandable and can fit perfectly into two bathtubs. You can have your phone, candle, wine, and other things right at your feet. It is incredible, made of eco-friendly wood, and comes in different colors.

 9. LED Flashlight Glove Outdoor

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

Depending on the receiver, but this unique gift can come in useful at so many times. Its finger flashlight fixed at the tip of the gloves can come in handy at night or under a car.

It’s bright enough for any task and will serve it’s purpose well. It is easy to use and very comfortable. Getting this for Mr. and Mrs. Fix-it will be excellent; they will hug you and plant a kiss on your cheek

10. Portable Mini Humidifier

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

Light in weight, ultra-quiet, small, and portable. What better way to purify the air than with this beauty? It will suffice in their office, bedroom, kid’s bedroom, and any living space. It can hold up to 500ml of water and spray up to 50ml per hour.

For a start, it has a 5/5 rating, easy to operate with a few easy to understand button. It has an auto-shut feature; it is wireless with an inbuilt 2000mAh battery that, after a 3 hours charge, can last for up to 5 hours.

It shows the battery percentage in the visible monitor. Get this gift for that friend of yours who is easily irritated by the air or coughs too much.

11. LARQ Insulated Self-Cleaning and Stainless Steel Water bottle

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

As its name says, it is a self-cleaning water bottle. With its non-toxic mercury-free UV-C LED technology, it will eradicate bacteria in the inner surface of your bottle.

It also eliminates odor-causing bacteria and viruses. All your receiver needs to do is touch a button and give it 60 seconds to do its work.

It carries out a periodic check every 2 hours to keep the bottle fresh and stink-free. It can hold it contains cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours.

A full charge can last you for a month. Yeah yeah!  It’s a must get a useful gift—a practical present for those who jog every day or those in a place with unclean water. Your love one’s health is paramount.

12. Artisan Griller Redefining Outdoor Cooking BBQ Heat Resistant

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

This is for that grill master. It is the best bet for barbecue pits and pitmasters. With its non-slip five finger design, be rest assured of managing hot meals without any fear of getting burnt. Its inside has a soft cotton liner covering which fits perfectly into the hands.

Its outside is resistant to melting, and it’s flame resistant too. Aside from opposing heat, it doesn’t also allow grease, oil, water, and other kitchen stains to stick to it. Washing is relatively easy too. Please go check it out.

13. 16-color Motion Activated Toilet Lights

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

I don’t think you love putting on the bright toilet lights at 2:00 am when you want to use the toilet. No doubt, it is funny and will suffice as a gag gift, but still, you can’t underrate its effect.

Its motion sensors are unique when compared to other motion sensors as it covers a 170° range compared to others 120°. It turns on when it senses motion within 5 feet and goes off after 64 seconds of no motion. You know people like our grandparents will need this gift.

14. Jomst Hand Warmers – Good for Arthritis (cool winter friend)

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

It’s Christmas; this is the perfect time for this hand warmer. Spending all my life in the U.S., I can’t still say I enjoy the winter, but if we should skit Christmas for a year, I’m going to be sad . So, this pocket-size hand warmer will help your receiver in so many ways.

It takes barely three seconds to heat up and offers over two temperature levels. It is made of high-tech aircraft-grade aluminum, and it is safe to use. Its 5200mAh battery capacity can also suffice as a power bank for phones. It’s a two in one gift, making it a practical cheap useful gift.

15. Sonic Bomb Dual Extra Loud Alarm Clock Bed Shaker

Useful Christmas GiftsUseful Christmas Gifts

I felt like I was addressing the Dragon Queen when writing the name of this monstrous alarm clock. Among other words there, its second word says it all. Do you have a lazy deep sleeper who wants to work on that? Get this surprise gift for them.

One can set multiple alarms and be rest assured all will work. It has a battery backup, so you sure will be woken up. Apart from the services its speakers offer, it comes equipped with a bed shaker, powerful vibration to make sure anybody near it wakes up. It is an award-winning alarm for the deaf and hard to wake. It is an extra-loud and a great device.


More Useful Christmas Gifts You Should Check Out

1. Aqua Notes Water Proof Note Pad – For that in-bathroom Inspiration

2. Credit Card Protector -Help protect their cards details from theft

3. 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station – Help charge not one but three of their Apple gadgets at once

4. Philips Sonicare ProtectiveClean 6500 Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush

5. Dash black Rapid 6 Capacity Electric Cooker for Hard Boiled, Poached, Scrambled Eggs, or Omelets

6. Original Handbag Light – Get them this light so they wouldn’t have a hard time finding things in their bag (Its motion sensor puts on the lights whenever they deep their hands into the bag).

7. Cupsy Sofa and Couch Armchair Caddy – Have launch comfortably on your couch.

8. Bluetooth Shower Speakers – Music in the bathroom!

9. 7 in 1 Handheld Fabric Steamer – Get any cloth ready in seconds

10. Instant Coffee or Beverage Cooler In Minutes

11. John Frieda Hot Air Brush (Bonus)

I hope I was able to help.

Vivian Rose is from Rockwall County in Texas. With over ten years of working at her family's gift shop, she believes she knows how to give the best gift-buy-idea. This site is her little contribution to making the world a happy place. As an introvert, her phone and her laptops are her favorite spots MakeItaSpecialGift is next. #xoxo #kisses #love #Gift_Shop

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