Some of Them Are So Awesome, so Grab Any of These Gifts for a Landlord and Appreciate Them

gifts for a landlord

Not every landlord is a pain in the a$$; some are pretty awesome and try to make your stay bearable and more worth it. It seldom occurs to tenants that they could grab something for their landlords. I mean, he owns all these properties; what’s the point in adding more to his wealth? However, most … Read more

For All Those Times They Came Through These Are Some Great Gift Ideas for a Helpful Neighbor

gift ideas for helpful neighbor

Some of us are lucky to have benevolent coworkers, family members, and friends; others are blessed with the gifts of helpful neighbors. For this Christmas, their birthday, anniversary, thanksgiving, or any other event, it is thoughtful if you grab a gift for them, so if you need good gift ideas for a helpful neighbor. Other … Read more

For Being Such Nice People These Are Some Tenant Appreciation Gifts for Them

tenant appreciation gifts

While many stay grateful for having excellent landlords, landladies, or property managers/owners, there are many others who, as property owners, feel lucky for having a set of people as their tenants. Showing your tenants that you appreciate how awesome they’ve been while staying on your property is sometimes rare but something laudable. Without much ado, … Read more

For Being Such an Awesome Understanding Landlady Pick One of These Gifts for Landlady

Teenage lady giving her landlady a gift _gifts for landlady

Some of us are lucky to have great excellent landladies. These ladies often stand in as our mothers or a motherly figure, some are pretty understanding and don’t hold your bills against you, and some haven’t increased rents in a while, especially during the COVID lockdowns. Show her some appreciation for being such a darling, … Read more