Some of Them Are So Awesome, so Grab Any of These Gifts for a Landlord and Appreciate Them

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Not every landlord is a pain in the a$$; some are pretty awesome and try to make your stay bearable and more worth it. It seldom occurs to tenants that they could grab something for their landlords. I mean, he owns all these properties; what’s the point in adding more to his wealth?

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However, most of us know our landlords would appreciate a gift here or there, at least something for Christmas, his birthday, new year, an anniversary, or a “just-because” gift. So, if you’ve been blessed with one of those rare landlords, here are some great gifts for a landlord. Also, see these gifts for landladies.

Good Gifts for a Landlord

1. Rental Property Record Book

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Have you ever stolen a look at the book or journal your landlord uses to keep track of payments on other properties activities? You can probably agree with me he’ll need something like this.

Besides being the ideal record book, this item is a gift that would benefit you in some way, and your landlord can easily track what needs fixing, repairing, or changing.

2. Funny Landlord T-Shirt

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

“It’s all fun and games until the rent is due” are well engraved on this t-shirt, making it one pretty funny gift for your landlord.

It should make him laugh, and every tenant who comes across him on this t-shirt would laugh. It is a fantastic gift for a landlord who is big on humor.

3. Portable Zippered Key Case

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

With this zippered case, your landlord would effectively keep track of his keys and have them in an arranged pouch.

This case would save him the stress of cracking his brain to identify where each key is. This is an extraordinary case for your landlord.

4. Funny Coffee Mug

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Help your landlord start his day with a fantastic cup of coffee; since he might forget, this coffee mug would remind him every day of his favorite tenant.

5. HD Water Resistant Security Camera

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

A security camera is one gadget I’ll advise everyone to have, and I mean, why shouldn’t you have one? A truckload of things could happen, and a security camera could save you.

With this item, your landlord can keep track of things happening around his place, and this security camera would add a layer of security to your surrounding.

6. Funny T-Shirt

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Right here is another cool and funny t-shirt for your landlord.

7. Inspirational Keychain

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Often, despite putting his effort into being a fantastic landlord, he probably never gets a compliment. Still, this keychain would constantly remind him that he’s an excellent landlord, and you, his dear tenant, recognize that.

8. Landlord Journal

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

A journal is a very remarkable gift for a landlord, and if you don’t get the recording planner at the top of his page, then this journal is another fabulous gift to get him.

He has a truckload of things to jot and write down, what to change, fix, rewire, repair, and much more, and this book is right there for him. The front cover makes it even more perfect for him.

9. Insulated Water Bottle

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

With this water bottle, your landlord will always stay hydrated. He can have his drink, juice, water, and other liquid.

This gallon is the perfect companion for your landlord when he hits the gym, camping, or hiking. This is one fantastic Christmas gift for your apartment manager.

10. Dramatic Landlord Mug

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Depending on your relationship with your landlord, if it’s a pretty playful one, this mug reminds him how dramatic yet unique he is.

11. Best Landlord Cap Baseball Cap

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Without overthinking, a baseball cap is another fantastic gift to get your landlord. It is simple, classy, and a practical gift.

12. Cookie Gift Box

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

I’m a proponent of giving my receiver a chocolate gift box, especially in a professional setting or when your receiver is someone you aren’t close to.

I don’t know many people who will turn down a good box of chocolates. This box features some of the sweetest cookies ever. I’m exaggerating, no doubt, but I’ve tried it and love it.

13. Christmas Landlord Gift

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

To celebrate this Christmas, you could grab your landlord this Christmas ornament, it is a fantastic piece and one he can hang with pride on his Christmas decoration; let him remind everyone that he is “Santa’s favorite Landlord.”

14. Indoor House Plant

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

Most apartments don’t have room for growing your garden. Your landlord might be a big fan of plants but can’t due to the apartment.

With this indoor-house plant, your landlord has something to live out his dream while simultaneously making his house beautiful.

15. Landlord Away Your Student Loan Debt – Paperback

gifts for a landlordgifts for a landlord

This book is easy to pick up but hard to put down; get into the beautiful mind of this author and understand how awesome it is to pay off your student’s debt with real estate.

Wrapping up on Gifts for a Landlord

Some thoughtful gifts for a landlord include a property management report book, an indoor plant, a funny mug, a  t-shirt or cap, security cameras, a water bottle and much more. These gifts are pretty practical; however, when you are parking out, the best gift you can give him would be suggesting his empty property to a new tenant. Also, see the gifts you could provide your neighbors when you leave.

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