That Young King Deserves Any of These $100 Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boy

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These days, 12-year-old boys know a truckload of things; with the internet at their fingertips, they tend to grow faster than many of us, so picking items for them should entail a conscious effort.

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Like me, so many of us are blessed with one awesome twelve-year-old teenager, and we can agree that these young men deserve some of the best gifts out there, gifts that fit this age and time.

I like people who go all out when they want to buy gifts for people; it shows how much love you have for the person and helps you make that decision; these are the best $100 gifts for 12-year-old boys.

Thoughtful $100 Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boys

1. Moon Lamp Night Light

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

What captivates my attention about this lamp is the attention to detail the hands behind this paid to making this the perfect reflection of the moon.

You can help the young twelve-year-old boy create his world with this night lamp. He won’t need another room lamp, as this does a pretty good job of providing great lighting.

2. Interactive Globe

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

I once saw a Tiktok video where adults couldn’t mention the capital of the US or point out two African nations. That was funny to me.

With this globe, your gentle friend could point out critical parts of the world. You might save him from embarrassment and ridicule in someone’s TikTok video.

3. Rechargeable Laser Tag

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

He sure has his little group of friends he plays with; one famous game amongst teenagers in this age range is tagging.

While there are various ways to enjoy a good tag game, a rechargeable laser is another fantastic way to have top-notch fun. This is the perfect gift for every 12-year-old to enjoy their tag game.

4. Waterproof Remote Control Car

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

One thing with twelve-year-olds, in general, is their interest in things. They enjoy watching things work automatically, and I’m not surprised, considering the number of engineering boys.

So, this remote control car is the perfect outdoor toy for him. He can play with this with his friend and even the adults around. Steal a glance at these $100 gifts for teenage girls.

5. Instant Mini Camera

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

You never can tell, the subsequent founder of a Getty rival might be at your hands, and you can make that possibility a reality by grabbing this mini camera for him.

With this device, your young friend would never resist the chance to document events right as they happen. To add to that, he can print it there and then. Pictures hold a thousand words.

6. Giant Set STEM Toy

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

Introduce him to the world of engineering, building, and applying mathematics and science by getting him this toy.

A gift of this nature would trigger his imagination giving him room to be creative as much as possible. He can build a truckload of things with this toy.

7. 3D Printing Pen

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

A 3D printing pen is another creativity-inspiring gift for that 12-year-old boy. With this pen, he can draw and create incredible designs. I have other 3D gifts here for him. There’s no limit to things he can make with this 3D printing pen.

8. Electric Scooter

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

Boys love to play with locomotive items, and this electric scooter is one such item. With this, he can compete with his friends in the neighborhood.

Besides the fun part, although there’s just no way you can separate fun from an electric scooter, he can also use it to catch the school bus quickly or make it to school in time.

9. Kids Drum Sets

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

The only downside to getting these drum sets is you might need a new set of ears or preferably an ear guard *wink.

Trust that there’s no stopping the young man from showing his inner Neil Peart. Well, having the next Neil Peart in your house at the expense of your ear drums on getting this drum (Pun intended) is a pleasing sacrifice *wink.

10. Double Dancing Mat

$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

I bet you’ll love to join him in rock and roll on this dance mat. This dance mat is a fantastic play to destress with. Your young twelve years old friend would love it, and so would everyone who comes in contact with it.

11. Remote Control Drone

 $100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

You never know how excellent a drone is until you are behind the wheels or, should I say, the rotor. It’s such a pleasant experience, especially a drone that gives you a bird’s eye view of where it is; your dear little boy would like this; get him a quality drone. 

12. Gaming Headset

 $100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

Game headsets are available at all price ranges, but if you want something quality, we’ll be tal; the king of headsets in the $100 range is perfect for your dear 12-year-old boy. One that would offer him an excellent gaming experience. 

13. Lego Technic Set

 $100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

Awaken the young engineer in him by feeding him with some gift that would force that out. An excellent LEGO set with pretty complex parts is the ideal gift for the young man; he’ll feel so happy and proud of himself when he is done fixing it up. 

14. Compound Microscopes Set

 $100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

Another gift for 12-year-old boys would be this excellent science gift for the young scholar. Like the LEGO kit, it would inspire the gentleman and help trigger his imagination and creativity.  

15. Books


A selection of age-appropriate books across different genres to encourage reading and expand knowledge. A big emphasis on “different genres” would help set the 12 years old boy for life; he’ll get access to different topics and knowledge and one day decide which to follow. 


16. Remote Control Robot

 $100 gifts for 12-year-old boy$100 gifts for 12-year-old boy

A programmable remote control robot that provides educational and entertaining robotic adventures. In other words, while it is entertaining to control, the young man would get a glimpse into what the future holds. It is a remarkable gift for 12-year-old boys.

17. Adventure Camping Gear


A set of camping gear, including a tent, sleeping bag, and camping accessories for outdoor adventures, and you both should go on that outdoor experience; it is something he’ll fancy and would cost more than that $100, I guess. This is such a lovely gift idea for a 12-year-old boy


Wrapping it up on $100 Gifts for 12-Year-Old Boy

Some great $100 gifts for 12-year-old boys range from a STEM toy set, a double dance mat, a scooter, a drum set, engineering toys, an interactive globe, and much more. All of these could play a significant role in the young man’s growth, and they are fantastic items for every teenager of this generation.

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