No Matter How Short the Stay Was You Should Get One of These Gifts for Japanese Host

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Gratitude is the greatest of all virtues; even in civilized society, we often have that inclination to get something for people who helped us at one point in our lives or the other.

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Your Japanese host may have housed you for a day or two on one of your trips to Japan, or they housed you in a different part of the world. The underlying take-home message is they deserve an appreciation gift.

When giving gifts to a host, you could go for items that their family could use or items they relate to in one way or another, and this is the guiding principle as we compiled this list. Finally, you can see our list of American gifts for foreign friends.

Best Gifts for Japanese Host

1. Assorted Snacks Box

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

This box features many snacks, from chocolates in different shapes, cashews and other crunch snacks. All these make this a fantastic gift for your host and their family. There’s more than enough for everyone. Also, see these gifts for an Asian mother.

2. Local wine


Bottle of red wine for celebrating decorated on wooden background

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The local wine in this context should be something from your state or county; let your Japanese host have a taste of your city’s most prestigious drink.

Typically, a bottle of wine is one way to tell people to thank you, if you can afford a vintage wine, that would make more sense. These are gifts for an Asian dad.

3. Japanese Blossom Wall Art

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

This is one beautiful piece of art to get your host. It even makes more sense as it celebrates their lovely culture. They can have this art in their office and homes, and in both places, it would radiate tremendous beauty. Checkout these gifts for old Asian parents.

4. Japanese Cookies Box

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

How about something famous in Japan? I suggest you grab this gift for a host who hosted you in a country other than japan.

If you give this to a host who housed you in Japan, it may not appear unique as they have seen this much more than you can imagine.

5. Toast To The Host Wine Bag

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

If you decide to go with a bottle of wine, this is the ideal wine bag to present that gift.

6. Nut and Dried Fruit Gift Box

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

This is another edible gift for your Japanese host and their family. There’s a truckload of crunchy sweet edibles in here that should go around.

7. Engraved Cutting Board

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

I don’t doubt that the family already has a cutting board in their kitchen; however, I doubt they have a cutting board engraved with the family names or initials.

This is one beautiful piece to have in any house; besides serving its purpose in the kitchen, this is also a gift that could serve as decor for your dear Japanese host and their family.

8. Scented Candles

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

Yes, scented candles will always remain an incredible gift to get to anybody entirely. Your hosts would love the fragrance this candle dishes out. This scent can help relax them, especially after dealing with the day’s stress.

9. Grateful Wind Chime

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

Do you know how calming the sound of wind chimes can be? This wind chime is another fantastic gift for your dear Japanese host.

This is an even more “grateful” gift because it gives you room to engrave a word of gratitude. Every evening any member of your host family spends under this chime would be refreshing, especially considering why they got it.

10. Appreciation Willow Tree Figurine

gifts for japanese hostgifts for japanese host

This willow tree features the carving of an angel with a “thank you” message, and this item conveys your words of gratitude to them, appreciating them for hosting you in their home.

They can use this figurine as decor or have it as a keepsake; whatever they decide to use, it’ll be a constant reminder of how grateful you are for them hosting you.

Wrapping it up on Gifts for Japanese Host

Some of the best gifts for Japanese hosts include Japanese wall art, a box of chocolates or dry nuts and fruit, an appreciation willow tree figurine they can use as a keepsake or decor, and much more. All these gifts pass one message “You are grateful,” and this would make them always consider the option of inviting you over moving forward.

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