Appreciate Them for Being Fantastic With This Quality $100 Gift Idea for a Boss

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I’ve been lucky to have awesome bosses, people who have made my working experience smooth and fantastic, and such bosses are a bit hard to come by.

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Every opportunity I had, their birthdays, anniversaries, or even Thanksgiving, I always considered a gift for them, and I never regretted doing that.

I have a policy regarding gift-giving; I always go all out for awesome people, and I perceive that’s what you are doing. So, I have an incredible $100 gift idea for a boss, and it is a list of over ten, so you have options.

Best $100 Gift Idea for a Boss

1. Temperature Control Smart Mug

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

You know your boss; you probably know how much she loves her coffee, especially at a specific temperature. Your boss could usually get so occupied that she forgets to sip her coffee.

In those rare situations, a temperature control mug could come in handy. With this mug, your boss always has her coffee at the perfect temperature. This would be a practical gift for her.

2. Custom Bobbleheads

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

We often see people use bobbleheads in their cars or office tables; typically, they buy their bobbleheads randomly, but you’ll be taking a different part.

This bobblehead allows you to customize it to fit your boss’s love, interest, hobby, etc. You can use a picture of him or go for a picture of his favorite celebrity, role model, or any other personal thing.

3. Bluetooth Sunglass

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

Get your boss feeling like a CIA agent by grabbing these Bluetooth sunglasses. This sunglass has a Bluetooth feature enabling him to listen to music subtly.

He can connect it to almost all his devices and have everyone amazed when they see him making calls without touching his mobile. I think this is a fantastic futuristic gift for everybody.

4. Appreciation Plaque

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

Most times, we don’t have to crack our brains when trying to figure out the best gift for our bosses, a simple plaque appreciating her for all she has done to make the working place awesome would do.

This isn’t some random plaque, it is quality, and I’m pretty sure your boss deserves quality. You can personalize it with words perfect for the boss.

5. Anti-Gravity Pen

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

It is not every time you see an object stand on its own without needing visible support from anything or anybody, and this pen is one such object.

This anti-gravity pen is one fantastic, aesthetically pleasing gift for your boss; when she places it on her table, it will always get the attention of everyone. Take your boss to the future with this pen.

6. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

Your boss indeed loves good music; I mean, who doesn’t? This portable speaker would always dish out some premium sound enabling your boss to catch every note or beat present in her favorite song.

With good speakers dishing out good music, many people become even more productive. This speaker will do if you believe good music would boost your boss’ productivity rate.

7. Muscle Massage Gun

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

It is typical to have a committed boss work overtime; I mean, if they weren’t that diligent and hardworking, we won’t be calling them “boss.”

However, the price of bending your back over to get a job done comes at a cost, pain. With this massage gun, you can help your boss keep fit to ensure they resume work always energetically.

8. Gold-Tone Wrist Assceories

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss
This package features a wristwatch, bangle, and bracelet, all gold-tone; in simpler words, these are classic gifts for your female boss.

Like every other item, this gift goes for over a hundred dollars. No doubt it isn’t the real gold, but trust me, it does a great job acting like one.

9. Levitating Globe

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

Another fantastic item for your boss’ office, both at home and in the workplace or his living room, is this remarkable levitating globe.

Your boss can have his own planet in his office for about a hundred dollars. This gift is beautiful and would attract the attention of whoever comes across it.

10. Classic Short Boot

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

Yes, she will love a pair of classic short boots. No doubt she probably has a truckload of boots at home; however, this boot would further grace her wardrobe.

11. Whiskey Decanter Set

$100 gift idea for a boss$100 gift idea for a boss

I couldn’t complete this gift list while leaving out this whiskey decanter. This decanter might be the most excellent piece in your boss’ private bar.

It is a classic decanter carved to resemble a tap with some premium wooden material and glass. I hope your boss doesn’t get obsessed with this whiskey decanter cause it could happen.

Wrapping it up on a $100 Gift Idea for a Boss

A whiskey decanter, levitating globe, muscle massager, smart temperature control mug, and Bluetooth sunglasses are some primary $100 gift ideas for a boss. These are excellent gifts, items your boss would have for a while and would definitely cherish.

Stephanie May

Stephanie May

Stephanie May is from Calgary in Canada, she's resided in the US for over six years now and worked in a Gift Shop during college so you can count on her gift suggestions. Thank you

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