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This is the second year of the Vsco girls or Vsco kid’s reign. Inspired by the VSCO photography app, they participate in the youth subculture that emerged among teenagers around mid- to late 2019. Getting gifts for VSCO girls is somewhat hard since they are barely a year old – not their age, the trend.

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So, a small number of gifts listed here are already owned by them; you can still replace it with something newer; they will very much appreciate it. Also, I have a ton of stuff they probably don’t have or something more unique, go through my list and find out more.

1. Fjallraven Classic Backpack

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Every VSCO kid will appreciate this bag. It is a common part of the VSCO culture. Get this in her favorite color or replace what she has already; she will very much appreciate it.

2. Reusable Shopping Bags

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Unique animal designs will be fashionable for daily use, and when grocery shopping, she can designate different animal prints bags for different things. They are reusable bags and which will inspire them to go plastic-free and protect our beautiful earth!

3. Crocs Tie Dye Clog

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

With color and style for every personality, the Graphic Classic Clogs are the Crocs VSCO kids need to start a comfort revolution worldwide.

Ventilation ports add breathability and help shed water and debris quickly, making these the perfect water shoes

4. Pura Vida Jewelry Bracelets

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Pura Vida means Pure Life, and that’s exactly what this bracelet represents. The VSCO girl in your life can go surfing, snowboarding, or even take a shower with them on. Wearing this bracelet every day only enhances the natural look and feel.

5. Insulated Water Bottle

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

This Iron Flask comes with THREE different lids. Carabineer Straw Lid with 2 Straws, Flip Lid, and a Stainless Steel Lid! NOTE: The stainless steel lid is plastic from inside and stainless steel from outside.

As a VSCO girl, she might have this already; nevertheless, getting her this one will excite her as this is unique and has so many reviews to it.

6. String Lights

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

She will love to decorate her room with these string lights, especially during this festive season. It is made of waterproof and bendable copper wire that could be shaped into any symbols.

They are also durable, work in synergy to offer greater coverage, and give off a light fairy effect at night without overheating.

7. Wood Earbuds

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Let her tap into the natural acoustic qualities found in wood to produce crisp acoustics and deep bass.

It can create noise isolation and reduce ambient noise to ensure the best audio experience and the perfect fit for maximum comfort during long-term wear, such as for running.

Its features include volume control, pause/play capabilities, answer/end call function, voice control, and a smart inline microphone, which will give her complete control over her listening experience during gaming, running, or any activity she participates in.

8. Satin Hair Scrunchies

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

These Hair Scrunchie Package come with 16 different trendy colors scrunchy. Purchase once, and she can use it for a long time as she has options to pick from.

They are made of soft, high-quality silk satin. They are not only durable but soft and stretchable enough to easily wear on and off, which will take good care of her hair.

9. Glow Facial Spray

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

These mists can be used whenever, wherever—but it’s easy for her to incorporate all three into her day-to-night regimen. This is one of the many ways your VSCO friend can use this.

MORNING: She can start her day with the Facial Spray with Aloe, Cucumber, and Green Tea. Mist on clean skin before moisturizer to boost hydration and help tone her complexion.

10. Friendship Bracelet Maker

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

The clip and slots hold threads in place for easy crafting. The bracelet maker’s clever, patented design conceals a secret storage compartment to keep all her lines safe, organized, and best of all, tangle-free.

In 3 easy steps, she can make her bracelets with fellow VSCO friends using this Friendship Bracelet Maker. Get her this practical gift to build a strong bond with her friends.

11. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Just one swipe of this conditioning lip care leaves her lips smooth and refreshed all day long. Renew her lips with Burt’s Bees Moisturizing Lip Balm in four naturally nourishing flavors:

Original Beeswax, Strawberry, Coconut & Pear, and Vanilla Bean. As a VSCO girl, having perfect lips is a goal; the Burt Bees lip balm will do just that.

12. SweatyRocks Sweatshirt

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

What we have here is a unique sweatshirt, not the regular sweatshirt, because the write-up is unique. It is a cool top that will be perfect for a chilly day. It’ll go with almost all pants, shorts, and for any occasion, your VSCO friend will want to rock.

13. Cowrie Shell Necklace

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

This is a high-quality Puka bead necklace made of 100% natural material. The material is environment-friendly and handmade, and the style is fresh and unique for a VSCO girl, especially if she is a summer.

It can also double as a bracelet, surf anklet, or hair accessory. She can change the size by slide the rope to fit her, the strings are long enough, and it is durable.

14. Reusable Stainless steel straw

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

YIHONG reusable metal straws are your best choice for a “green” Eco-friendly, a perfect replacement for the usual plastic straws she is probably used to.18/8 Stainless Steel Straws with

rust and scratch proof, eco-friendly and reusable, and these straws are well made and sturdy enough for long time use. She will enjoy using them.

15. Tie Dye T-Shirt

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

She will love this tie-dye T-shirt, not just because it fits, but its design is unique and cool. Colortone tie-dye apparel is all hand-dyed for a superior look and feel. No two garments are exactly alike. Enjoy each for it’s uniqueness. Great gift for the VSCO girl.

16. VSCO Girl Coloring Book

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

For Trendy, Confident Girls with Good Vibes Who Love Scrunchies and Want to Save the Turtles

17. Women’s Basketball Shoes

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Bring out the inner Sue Bird in her by getting this beautiful Nike Women’s basketball shoes. She can use it for more than just balling; it will go well with any outfit of her choice.

18. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

Help her capture the moment with this unique Instant camera. It’s simple to use, so she can easily achieve crystal clear, vibrant photos in no time. Plus, the built-in flash is enclosed in a fun ICE BLUE package that every VSCO girl will love using!

19. Vsco Stickers

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

The VSCO sticker is a must on the VSCO girl entry list. Having it will make you look more lively and trendy. It is worth mentioning that VSCO Stickers II adds more patterns and richer colors based on the previous one. It is worth having you own

20. VSCO Girl Scented Candle

gifts for vsco girlsgifts for vsco girls

VSCO Girl Scented Candle. Smells like staying hydrated with your hydro flask water bottle, which is packed responsibly in your Fjallraven Kanken, on your oversized T-shirt. sksksksksksk, and I Oop!  Perfect gift for the VSCO girl! · 9 oz Bamboo + Coconut Scented Candle. · Burn Time Approximately 50 hours.

Wrapping It up on Christmas Gifts for VSCO Girls

Every item on this list is something every VSCO girl will love to have. From the scented candle which has an inscription praising her unique style to the friendship bracelet maker, she can use alongside her clique. Get one present for her and make her Xmas holiday lit.

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