With Any Of These Gifts for Engineers You’ll Be Putting a Smile On That Calculative Face

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You can imagine how difficult they are for people who predominantly use the left side of their brains. Getting gifts for engineers or soon-to-be engineers isn’t basic stuff.

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Whether mechanical, electrical, computer, environmental, structural, or civil engineering, a gift for any should often be epic and strongly appeals to the profession.

Although you can get them funny gifts, your item choice should be practical, unique, or both and must fit into the idea of “engineering.”

To save you stress, we have the best novelty gift ideas for engineers; we have gifts in all price ranges, go through our list and choose.


1. Boastful Engineer

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Let’s start with this funny item. It took them years to get to where he is, and it even becomes more serious when you consider that he has applied for many contracts and probably has been awarded a few.

The words “All Men Are Created Equal, But Only The Finest Become Engineers” engraved on this plaque would motivate him and add some pride to his profession.

2. Perpetual Calendar

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

“Unique” is one of many words to associate with Engineers. To acknowledge this notion, you could get this unique calendar for any engineer.

This boldly original calendar is designed to be used year after year. All they have to do is move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month.

One of the reactions often associated with this calendar is “curiosity,” if your engineer relative mounts it in their office or workspace, it will surely attract many of his curious fellow workers. This counts as a novelty gift for engineers.

3. Suspension Multi-Plier

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Every time an engineer decides to get busy from day one to day zillion, a tool must always be within arm’s reach.

People likely to appreciate this gift the most are electrical engineers because it contains so many tools their usual kit often possesses.

4. Tech Tool Pen

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

No, it isn’t your basic ball pen; we have a unique item specifically for those in the engineering field and anything related.

Offering many engineering tools, this is likely going to become your dear engineer’s keepsake. Its use case shouldn’t be overstated, and they’ll come to love this practical gift.

5. Programmable Electronic Tank

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

A sound engineer always loves a good creative challenge; this robot is his best match. It may come off as a toy for kids at first glance, but if you take a closer look, you’ll know anybody in the programming field will love it.

Are you looking for a gift for a mechanical engineer? This will do. Even if we admit to it being a mechanical toy, we have young kids interested in such mechanical toys; that might be a young engineer in your hand, but this gift would do.

6. Magnetic Wristband

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Losing screws is annoying; one screw can mar an entirely constructed work, so engineers try to have all screws together. An engineer who needs to climb or work far from a screw plate will appreciate this magnetic wristband. A mechanical, civil, structural, and electrical engineer will most understand you for this gift.

Each wristband has ten strong magnets surrounding almost the entire wrist for holding screws, nails, bolts, washers, and drill bits. It will be his third working hand when he is loosening and tightening.

7. Magnetic Fluid Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

This is a luxurious item; he doesn’t have to be a sound engineer before getting this great item for him; every engineer will love to have this fluid speaker in their home. It contains a ton of features you can find on its page only.

8. Portable Espresso Machine

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

I’m willing to argue that engineers or those in the engineering field are some of the professionals with a severe need for coffee.

I’ve had the opportunity of being with some, and I’m constantly marveling at what they do with their brains.

This expresso machine is guaranteed to make fixing a good cup of coffee easy and quick from any part of their busy lives… It is stained incredible home gift without the additional features.

9. 3D Printers

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

The first place I saw a 3D printer was in Star Wars (if I can recall). Gone are those days you need to spend thousands of dollars to own a 3D printer; now, with a few figures, you can own one.

If you aren’t deep in engineering, you may not understand how much of a big deal this is. What stops you from getting this novelty engineer gift if you have a creative engineer at hand?

10. Engineers Field Bag

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Those guys are often loaded with tools. Your essential waist bag or random backpack won’t cut; a proper engineer bag will. It contains many gear pockets and still offers enough space for some laptop sizes. It is a perfect gift for male and female engineers; you should get this for them.

11. Flashlight Glove

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Gone are the days they needed to hold the flashlight with their lips or neck; this flashlight glove will handle that. I consider it an excellent gadget for electrical engineers, although every engineer will love it. You can have this as a futuristic gift for your dear engineer.

12. Mug

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Yeah! We have a mug here; although it may seem like the last thing an engineer needs as it doesn’t directly help with her job, this is no random mug. Aside from its ability to maintain most drinks’ temperature for a considerable amount of time,

this mug has an inscription that reads, “I’m AN ENGINEER, TO SAVE TIME, LET’S JUST ASSUME I’M RIGHT,” making it not just practical but a funny gift for them. This is a stylistic gift to the engineer; show them they are recognized with a few bucks.

13. Engineer Glasses

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Although they are a bit geeky than most people, a little style to their workplace won’t hurt. This glass tries to be fashionable while including some protective features that would make your engineer safe with this glass.

14. Weatherproof Notepad

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

This is one perfect gift for environmental engineers, but still, others will appreciate it. You never know when an idea may catch up with them, so this notepad will be ready to serve under the sun and in the rain. It won’t turn to mush when wet and repel water, sweat, grease, and mud, and it even survives the accidental laundry mishap.

15. Mechanical Pencils

gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

The stress of sharpening pencils every time could be avoided with this anti-lead breakage pencil. Engineers are always drawing and scribbling down something; an ambitious one may get pissed when their pencil gets broken while in action, you know, they may lose the idea while sharpening the pencil; get this for them.

16. Engineering Blueprint Art

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

It would add some beauty to their house or wherever they decide to hang this art. When you go shopping, get an engineering art that appeals to the specific engineering they are doing. So, if your receiver is a mechanical engineer, go for an art that depicts an engine, etc. 

17. Engineering Book

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Not textbooks, I doubt you’ll know exactly what the engineer needs; instead, get them a book depicting some of the most outstanding engineers to ever walk this earth alongside their drawings and inventions. An engineering book is such a nice gift for your receiver. 

18. Engineer Desk Organizer

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Not just any organizer, a pen holder, bookend, etc., but it should show it is for an engineer. This desk organizer would add beauty to your engineers’ surroundings and keep it arranged while letting the world know an engineer runs that area. 

19. Engineering Puzzle Set

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

This is one ideal gift for the engineer, something to trigger that logical and excellent brain of his. With this puzzle, he’ll be applying his logical engineering brain toward solving whatever needs to be solved. 

20. Engineer Cufflinks

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Some nice cufflinks would add a unique touch to the engineer when she next steps out. These are some nice engineer-themed cufflinks, and like many other gifts here, it should be a cufflink close to her engineering field. 

21. Engineering Gadgets


Consider asking her what she’ll need; engineers have a truckload of gadgets they need, and getting one as a gift is such an incredible gesture. 


22. Engineer Engraved Pen

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

A nice pen with some engineering engraved symbols or words is a great gift to consider. 

23. Engineering Documentary Or Film


It would be awesome seeing some movies and documentaries about their field. It is a relaxing, fantastic, and exciting event. Who knows, they might get inspired by what they see and one day create something revolutionary. 


24. Engineer Wall Sign

 gifts for engineersgifts for engineers

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Engineers

Whether mechanical, electrical, environmental, structural, or civil engineering, my gift guide sure has something for them. A perfect present for them must be practical, useful, and unique, be it during the holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or as a random gift item. Thank you for stopping by, do have a great day.

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