No Better Way to Show Support Than by Getting One of These Gifts for Video Editors

We can’t leave these creative guys off our gift list. To avoid the big rush, go through my list and choose one of these gifts for video editors. It takes more than just a camera to put together a quality video that will keep one engaged while maintaining quality.

If you have a video editor in your life, and you plan on surprising them on that particular day, birthday, anniversary, etc., then this gift list is for you. One item here will be perfect for that drummer in your life.

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1. Video Editing Console

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

This video editing console will give your favorite video editor much ability to customize his video editing profiles as he wills. His profiles feature his shortcuts and macros. He could also assign different commands to the different physical and touch screen buttons.

2. Video Editing T-Shirt

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

With this quality T-shirt, your favorite video editor can advertise and sell his brand to the world.  This is a machine wash T-shirt that comes in cool colors, offering a dry low heat feature. It is a lightweight, classic fit, double-needle sleeve, and bottom hem piece.

3. Digital Stereo Headsets

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Most video editors would settle for any headset, but the perfect gift for someone who likes to make videos is this high-quality digital stereo headset that offers quality sound. Unlike other headsets, this piece offers stronger penetrability, further wireless range, steadier signal transmission, and lower distortion.

4. Camera Lens Coffee Mug

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

One thing with people who love their craft is they want everything they use to show it. One funny gift idea for video editors will be this camera lens coffee mug. It isn’t just aesthetic; this mug, when locked, is a unique leak-proof coffee cup that offers comfort. Every time your favorite video editor takes a sip from this, you will pop into her mind.

5. 4K Monitor

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Another luxurious item you could get your favorite video editor this holiday is this 4K monitor. This is a 27 inch 4k UHD resolution display monitor that offers HDR 10 compatibility. Your receiver won’t get annoyed by this monitor as its response time, refresh rate, and contrast ratio are one to kill for.

6. Silicone Shortcuts Keyboard

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

While working with his keyboard, he might get stuck or be slow since he will be dealing with many keys; this item is one thoughtful gift for a video editor. With this shortcut keyboard, he can provide shortcut instruction for Premiere Pro software, increasing his work efficiency.

7. Temperature Control Mug

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

There’s seldom anyone who doesn’t love a cup of coffee, especially while working or about to work; your favorite video editor might be part of this group. You can get her this awesome smart mug to keep her coffee warm for as long as she wants. The cup features a 2500mAh battery that, when charged, can last for hours.

8. Hand Warmer Mouse Pad

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

If you have a dedicated video editor at hand, then you’ll understand his work ethic is top-notch. If he loves working outside or somewhere exposed to the weather, then you should get him this hand warmer for his mouse pad. When connected, his hand will stay warm while he edits that awesome video.

9. Art of the Cut

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

As a blogger, when I read materials from other bloggers, I get so motivated and happy, so I believe your favorite videographer might too. Art of the Cut provides an unprecedented look at the art and technique of contemporary film and television editing. It is a fascinating “virtual roundtable discussion” with more than 50 of the top editors worldwide.

Included in the discussion are the winners of more than a dozen Oscars for Best Editing and the nominees of more than forty, plus numerous Emmy winners and nominees. Together they have over a thousand years of editing experience and have edited more than a thousand movies and TV shows.

10. Hard Drive

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Their memory card and system ROM isn’t always enough. A videographer with minutes of contains will need more space to store his works. More minutes and higher resolutions bring about a need for more space; this hard drive can help. Apart from storing videos, he is working on here, they can have a backup of their jobs and important software and programs. If you were wondering what to buy a film editor, then this is it.  

11. Mechanical Keyboard

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

The keyboard we use to check our emails, play some low-end games, watch movies, and type a few words is different from the keyboard a video editor, gamer, or programmer will need. Every video editor deserves a good mechanical keyboard such as this one; you should get this keyboard to make their work easy.

12. High-End Laptops

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Video editors are some of the computer users who deal with high resource-consuming programs and software. I’ve witnessed laptops crashing due to powerful software such as this. You can break the bank and get this awesome core i7 laptop for your favorite videographer. They will very much appreciate this; it is one of those items a video editor needs.

13. Adjustable Stand up Desk

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Sitting down to work is fantastic, but that comes with pains at strategic body parts, but with a stand-up desk such as this, you will be doing your video editor much good. This adjustable table makes things easy for its user.

It offers enough space to accommodate a laptop, computer monitor, paperwork, and more. It also features a removable tray, which are part of many things that makes this table unique for serious work.

14. A Perspective on Film Editing

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

The practical aspect of knowing a craft is as important as the theoretical aspect of that. This book is from a celebrated film editor Walter Murch’s vivid, multifaceted, thought-provoking essay on film editing. Starting with what might be the most basic editing question — Why do cuts work?

Murch treats the reader to a wonderful ride through the aesthetics and practical concerns of cutting the film. Along the way, he offers his unique insights on such subjects as continuity and discontinuity in editing, dreaming, and reality; criteria for a good cut; the blink of the eye as an emotional cue; digital editing; and much more.

15. Studio Microphone

gifts for video editorsgifts for video editors

Most video editors also do voice-overs, and a great microphone such as this is a perfect item for them. Its noise level is about 20 dB offering a high SPL handling and wide range unmatched versatility. Its custom-engineered low mass diaphragm gives out extended frequency and response. This is an item that will be great in your video editor’s work den.   

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Video Editors

I am a big fan of getting gifts that fit someone’s profession, interest, or hobby. On this list, we have items that every video editor, film editor, or videographer will appreciate. You can pick any item here for them; the video editing console, digital stereo headset hard drive, or mechanical keyboard are a few of the items they should get. Happy gift shopping, have a great day, and thanks for stopping by.

Hello, I am Stephanie May from Canada currently residing in the US. I worked in a Gift Shop during college so you can count on my Gift Guide. Thank you

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