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World War 2 started in 1939; although most say it started earlier, it was a world history-shaping event. Not everyone in today’s society pays attention to history and how it has shaped us today; if you are lucky to have a history fan in your life, especially interested in the World Wars, consider getting any of these gifts for WWII buffs.

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Gifts for War Enthusiasts

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All Gifts for WWII Buffs

1. Original Piece of the Berlin Wall

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

Yeah! It’s original; your dear world war two buff would appreciate this gift wholeheartedly, especially because the Berlin wall was actually where the “beginning of the end” for Hitler started. They’ll display this with pride in their man cave, desk, room, etc. It is the best gift for a WWII buff.

2. Hitler’s American Gamble – Book

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

It wasn’t a world war until “Pearl Harbour happened.” This book gives a clue of how Hitler committed a war blunder which resulted in the USA joining the war. “By early December 1941, the war had changed much of the world beyond recognition. Nazi Germany occupied most of the European continent, while in Asia, the…

3. First Light – Book

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

This book has over a thousand reviews with a 5-star total rating. It clues the reader in on a young pilot who was pretty instrumental in the german world war. As a (gifts for) history buff, this breaks down things he needs to know while cluing him in on the bravado of that young soldier. This is a small gift for history buffs.

4. The Secret History of World War II – Book

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

A sh!t load of things go into wars, spies, codes, betrayals, sellouts, treason, covert operations, double agents, and a lot. For that WWII enthusiast, this book is something that reveals the deeper parts of the world war and a considerable amount of things to get educated on.

5. World War II Poster

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

They don’t have to get the whole knowledge from books alone; they could learn a thing or two from posters. Besides imparting knowledge to them, this poster would add some aesthetic beauty to wherever they decide to use it. This is one beautiful WWII gift.

6. Leather Strap Dinner Box

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

No, this is no random dinner box; it takes you back in time to what the Germans ate from or carried around during the war. Yes, it isn’t just for aesthetics; it does serve its purpose; it is one cool WWII-themed gift; besides, it would drag some form of admiration from onlookers since it is unique.

7. World War II Map by Map

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

During the world wars, while they were traveling planes and vehicles/tanks, it wasn’t often the case; the were a ton of armies marching across different terrains during the day and at night. This map shows what the map in those times looked like while giving a detailed overview with rich graphics. This is one vintage history gift because of what I’ll call the nostalgic feel.

8. Monopoly War-Themed Board Game

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

Monopoly is one pretty cool game with quite a following; if your WWII lover is a fan of board games, especially Monopoly, then get them this gift by chance.

9. D-Day Plastic Army Men

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

I usually watch my baby brother play with his toy armies; I love the excitation and commitment and how much he imbibes himself in his small military expedition. If you have a young world war enthusiast in your life, then get these plastic army toys for them and watch play “pentagon” and “soldier.”

10. 365 Days of America’s Greatest Military Moments

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

The United States is one country that has been involved in pretty much every war in the last 100 – 200 years; while many people have different stands on these wars, we can’t always put down the incredible military moments the state has often carried out. Get this daily calendar for your war fan as part of a Word War II gift set.

11. Normandy 75th Anniversary

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

This coin is a treasured collectible, combining World War II with coin collecting. Gifting this WWII coin gives that war enthusiast a chance to own a colorized JFK Kennedy Half Dollar U.S. Coin. They can have this coin in their wallet, purse, or table anywhere.

12. The Forgotten 500 – Book

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

As I stated above, a lot goes into wars or minor military missions; if this is the case, imagine how many unspoken events took place in a “world war.” This book would bring the war enthusiast the history of some men who risked their lives and everything for the craziest rescue during the war. It is a good read and, I must say, a profound gift for a WWII buff.

13. WW2 World Currency

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

During the history-shaping world war 3, so many things were changed, modified, altered, and shared with people; one of such was the coins issued during the war. Each coin is carefully inspected by a member of the American Numismatic Association. These coins come with a printed Certificate of Authenticity. It is one vintage history gift.

14. World at War – Movie/Documentary

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

It is documentary series with so many positive ratings. Reading about the war is one thing; listening to and watching firsthand mouth experiences about the war is a whole different thing.

15. WWII Recruitment Poster

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

Being conscripted was pretty popular; you never really had a choice. This poster clues the receiver in on what it looked like when boys from even 12 were recruited to fight for the flag.

This is one of the ideal gifts for WWII buffs, something they can display on their door, man cave, room, etc.

16. World War II Custom Soldiers Building Blocks

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

This box features building blocks of various items, weapons, and soldiers that were predominant during the world war.

It is an even more perfect gift for the WWII buff, which you would love to practice some hand-eye coordination. When they are done building, they’ll have a collection of soldiers and weapons used then.

17. The Pope at War – Paperback

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

Pope Pius XII played a significant role during the wars. Although trying to stay neutral, he did his very best trying to act as a mediator between the Nazis and the allied powers.

It is impossible to be entangled in war, especially a world war, and not get your hands soiled a bit, and this book reveals some things every WWII enthusiast would love to see. This is the perfect WWII gift.

18. The Blitz – Replica

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

This gift features the raid leaflet, air attack ticket, cooking after a blitz leaflet, fire precaution leaflet, body tag, an arp booklet, air raid letter, and general advice leaflet, all things that were predominant during the world wars.

19. Flag Raising Marines 1945

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs
Good memorabilia, the representation of the US Marines mounting the flag, would be a fantastic art to get as a World War 2 gift for your dad.

The hands behind this art paid attention to detail in every aspect of that event. They also ensured the art was protected with UV-blocking acrylic and a rigid backing to secure the poster’s longevity further.

20. WWII Fighter Planes Metal Tin Sign

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

Quite some planes were used during the wars, and although they aren’t as sophisticated as the planes we have today, they still played their role.

This wall art features some of these planes and their names, and it is a tin sign that would make a thoughtful World War 2 gift idea.

21. Hellcat Metal Fighter

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

This counts as an awesome keepsake to get the WWII buff, and it is a decor featuring an iconic plane from that era.

22. World War II History – Hardcover (Kids)

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

The history teacher might not go into details about what happened during those wars, but this book does a great job covering what the kids need to know about that gruesome war. History is integral to the growth of our nation, and everyone should have a bit of history in their armor.

23. Notes from the Blockade – Paperback

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

There are so many experiences from our history books I’ll have loved to relive, but the incidents detailed in this book is one I wouldn’t want to experience.

In this book, the author explains in detail what it felt like to be stuck in a town for weeks in the heat of the war. It is a good World War II gift idea as your receiver would step into the author’s mind.

24. The Things Our Fathers Saw – Hardcover

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

There is so much our fathers saw when they mounted the beaches; this book takes your receiver down memory lane, pointing out the ugly and ugliest side of wars in general.

25. WW2 Chess Piece

gifts for wwii buffsgifts for wwii buffs

A true WWII buff wouldn’t turn down the idea of having some chess pieces that feature iconic figures present during the wars. This gift doesn’t come with a board, although it has the standard 32 pieces every chess set has.

Wrapping it up on gifts for WWII buffs

We don’t pray or wish for any other Word War; no, they aren’t fun, at least for the majority of the people; however, wars are pretty much human nature. If you have someone who has been learning from history, especially from any of the world wars, this gift guide is for them. If you weren’t able to settle with something from here, consider gifting that war enthusiast this Amazon gift card.

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