With These Gifts for Printmakers They Would Kill It on the Drawing Board

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Printmakers’ work is everywhere, from our clothes, banners, placards, and even our currency. If you have a printmaker in your life, you should understand when I say those guys pay attention to detail and are often in a world of their own. Printmaking isn’t a random job; it is more of a career; it stems from a deep passion and love for the craft, so we considered this when we came up with these gifts for printmakers.

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All Gifts for Printmakers

1. The Act of Designing & Creating Artful Stamps – Flexibound

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

These 20 beautiful projects, including cards, an embellished journal, a tote, and decorative wall pieces, provide the keys to genuine creative and image-making processes.

In addition to technique-specific primers with step-by-step photos of the essentials, this item also offers 50 motifs showcasing simple signature designs that crafters can copy and use for image transfers, stamp designs, and collages.

2. Acrylic Paint Set

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

This is the perfect printmaking tool for your dear printmaker. This gift features about 36 60ml bottles of acrylic paints and also about 12 acrylic brushes.

It is the deal with acrylic paint for canvas painting, and the colors won’t fade over time. The craft paint set is excellent for producing true, consistent painting art shades. Your dear printmaker would love this.

3. Art Supply Box

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

As a printmaker, she has a truckload of tiny tools that are pretty important to her career; by getting this art supply box, you’ll be providing her with a way to store her print tool ideally.

This supply box is designed to store all her arts and crafts supplies, such as paint brushes, markers, paints, stamps, glues, and more, all in one place. It is one durable gift that would last the test of time.

4. Watercolor Block

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

The long fibers in Arches natural white 100% cotton watercolor paper provide timeless beauty and unique touch.

It features a cylinder mold process that distributes cotton fibers evenly to provide exceptional resistance to scratching and erasing without tearing or lining.

5. Canvas Apron

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

You don’t expect your dear printmaker to work with his clothes, right? This apron is made of high-quality canvas material, soft, thicker, and more durable than other aprons out here.

With this fantastic piece, your dear printmaker would perfectly secure his clothes from paint and other damages. As a plus, this apron has pockets, so his tools would easily be available.

6. Artists Tumbler

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

While many artists focus on drawings on paper, a printmaker draws on paper, moves these drawings to different materials, and some even carve on wood, all to satisfy their goal.

With this in mind, you probably agree with me that printmakers are a different breed of artists. To support this claim, a mug that reads, “Artists! You make the world a better place” –  cause, yeah, they do.

7. Rubber Carving Blocks

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

Part of the job entails your printmaker carving on wood and even rubbers, and these blocks are a set of 12 pink rubber carving linoleum blocks for a stamp.

These blocks are suitable for starters and professionals, and The carving block applies to the transfer of inkjet printers, clip art, and newspapers. It is an ideal art supply Christmas gift for printmakers.

8. Heavy Duty Hot Air Gun

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

You’ve probably seen your dear printmaker in action. Did you notice that device that is sometimes shaped like a gun, and you’ve probably mistaken it for a hand hair dryer? Well, it’s a hot air gun.

This device is pretty critical to the act of printmaking; while he may have one already if you perceive it to be old and not in good working conditions, grab this as a gift.

9. Metal Print Rack

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

This print rack is a thoughtful gift for printmakers in your life. It can be used as a storage stand for drying display and poster print and is perfect for a print gallery.

The four casters are the highest in quality and assure smooth movements on any surface; it is the perfect gift for printmakers; with this, their work can best the best position for display or sun-drying.

10. Water-Soluble Block Printing Ink

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

This ink is excellent for printing on paper or cardboard with linoleum, wood or soft block surfaces, flexible printing plates, or polyfoam. Ink has a tack that ensures even coverage and allows for consistent, spectacular results every time. Steal a glance at these gifts for board game lovers.

11. Carving Sheets

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

These carving blocks allow oil-based or water-soluble inks making it an all-round sheet for printmakers; it has a fine flat surface which makes it perfect for artwork.

As a gift for your dear printmaker, you’ll be restocking his workshop with some more carving sheets, sheets pretty necessary in his work.

12. Portable Laser Engraver

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

A luxurious gift for your dearest printmaker would be this portable laser engraver, and it is an ideal item to have in his workshop as it helps make the job pretty easy.

This laser is assembled; all he has to do is plug-and-play, saving him the stress of creating it. A laser of this sort makes his job easy, so this is a practical gift for printmakers.

13. Miniature Brushes

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

As part of printmaking, getting those details, those curves, strikes, and lines are very crucial in delivering a great print job.

This set of detailing brushes offers the perfect small paint brush for each phase of all her artistic painting projects.

Suitable for nail art and face painting, it works great for painting miniatures, models, figurines, action figures, doll houses, rock painting, paint by numbers, and so much more.

14. Stories of Art and Artists – Hardcover

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

Writers have long been fascinated by the idea of artistic genius, the relationship between portraits and their subjects, the inspirational role of muses, and the effects on artists of ambition, failure, and success.

Art forms featured in these pages include sculpture, pottery, miniatures, landscapes, portraits, abstract painting, etc. Your dear printmaker could draw an idea, motivation, or both from here.

15. Leather Pencil Roll

gifts for printmakersgifts for printmakers

This pencil roll is made with rustic leather giving the roll a vintage look. It is typical for printmakers and artists to store their brushes, pencils, and some detailed helping tools in jackets such as this.

Your printmaker would appreciate this gift; it is a perfect carry-on for journeys and jobs outside his workshop and holds items in it pretty well.

Wrapping up Gifts for Printmakers

Some ideal gifts for printmakers are a metal print rack, canvas apron, art supply block, acrylic paint set + acrylic paint brushes, leather pencil rolls, and other items. These items, when given as gifts, would be you helping to make the printmaker’s job easier. Every printmaker would appreciate this gift, especially considering the thought process in selecting them.

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